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Deviated septum, breathing through one nostril

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 27, 2010
  • 00:59 AM

two years ago, I was in university and had some projects outside of school that I was focused on as well. Basically, the christmas before I caught a cold, and until April the following year, I didn't get the rest I needed and with me putting my exam studies, my project, and a little bit of partying, I never fully got rid of the cold. Once exams were over and summer came, I got the rest, but I had developed polyps in my nose due to the prolonged cold, and the surgery to get it removed caused a deviated septum and my second surgery to fix the deviated septum wasn't perfect (I think I blew my nose post-two weeks in the shower when my nose was sorta clogged and that somewhat messed up the septum that was healing).

Now I'm stuck with a deviated septum (slightly better than before surgery but not by much) and my right nostril is blocked 90% most of the day. It does change sides when I'm sleeping on my left side, but for the most part, my right nostril is blocked and I'm breathing primarily out of my left nostril.

I don't want to get another surgery because my turbinates have been cut down twice now, and I read about Empty Nose Syndrome sufferers who have tremendous breathing problems due to having their turbinates cut too much.

I really don't mind breathing through one nostril, but I'm worried about whether it might have other health side effects. I don't think sinusitis is a problem for me because despite my deviated septum I haven't had any sinus infections in the past two years and I'm relatively healthy.

So my question is, are there any long term health problems if I can only breath through one of my nostril? (by the way, both my nostril does open up when I'm exercising or when I'm outside sometimes - I think it depends on the humidity, temperature of the air I'm breathing at the time.)

(I posted this on the share medical history subforum, and said the topic needed to get approved by a moderator. It didn't show up so I couldn't delete it so apologies if there are duplicates.)

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