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chassat monsoni

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 19, 2011
  • 07:29 AM

i've been sick with a cold nov 24 2010 that lasted 3 days 2 days later i get hit with another cold ended up being treated for sinus infection that was the middle of december finished my medication and around the 1st week in january i was back at out patients being treated for i'm not sure i never got an answer from the doctor he said everything looked clear but i was choking on plegm and shortness of breath so he prescribed symacort he said i would start feeling better in 4 to 5 days i gave the meds 5 days and i was back at out patients cause i couldn't breathe there for i was panicking and hyperventilating the doctor then gave me ventalin i have taking this medication for 6 weeks the only difference i feel is i don't feel tight or congested in the chest area and just after we moved figuring it was our apartment that was making me and my son sick who has most of the same symptoms as me......... after the head cold i got after moving into our new place i have post nasal drip in the back of my throat my nose isn't runny i sneeze the odd time which cause wetness and for me to blow my nose but that's it i cause on ocassion trying to clear the phlegmy feeling in the back of my throat i have pains in my muscles legs, arms, back, sides, which can be almost too painful to move by times, i have cold chills, i have a "floating" feeling in my head bad taste in my mouth food and drinks don't taste the same when i'm in certain areas of my new home i can get really congested in the throat and constantly grabbing my throat to swollow it's so uncomfortable i get the same sinsation while driving in my truck worse when the heater is all i noticed tonight cooking supper the hot steam was making me ill i've been to too many doctors and the most common 1 was looking after me and my little guy the last 6 weeks and says i have a virus........... i know how a cold and flu feel like and this is nothing compared to that at all can anyone point me in the right direction

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