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Blocked Trachea...?

  • Posted By: TheLeaper
  • April 14, 2009
  • 09:32 PM

I really dont know what's going on here..so heres afew things about me if it helps:

Im 21. Non-smokers(though everyone else in my family does smoke). I have always been very susceptible to sore throats throughout my life.

Now for the past two weeks, whenever I wake up, it seems the left half of my trachea is blocked. I can feel a lump on the inside of my throat, but cant feel anytype of swelling on the outside at all. I also have very bad flem and runny noses each and every morning now. After a few hours it all stops, but breathing or swallowing I still feel something blocking the left half of my throat. It doesnt hurt like a sore throat, it aches or just feels numb.

I thought it might be lung cancer, but I dont have a cough and my chest feels fine... What could it be?

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  • I am NOT a Doctor. I too have symptoms similar to this that has not yetbeen diagnosed properly, but the Dr did suggest that it MIGHT be Reflux as that can cause this feeling of lump in throat, especially when lying down which is when why problems occur, usually on waking. Might be worth trying something like Gaviscon or other anti acid for a while just to see whether thatwill prevent it after week or so. Could also put a few bricks under head of bed to raise head and prevent acid reflux a bit more. Perhaps you'll post and letus know .http://homepage.mac.com/changcy/globus.htmJP
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