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Blocked Nose (for 4 years)

  • Posted By: Dakota79
  • September 9, 2010
  • 06:39 PM


I caught a really bad cold almost four years ago, it took a long time to fight off. However, since then my nose has never been fully back to normal (unblocked).
It's got to the point now where I wake up in the morning and I have a headache which I know can be linked to chronic sinusitis, this may be what I have.
Briefly.. I have been using nasal sprays both recommended by my local doctor and from normal pharmacies. These both only 'help' a little for a few hours and now they even seem to be less useful, almost as if I'm becomming immune to them.
I used antibiotics and a well known saline nasal rinse both at the same time and both for two weeks, I noticed no improvement. I have been to my local doctor twice, he forwarded me to a specialist. I have seen the specialist twice too. They used a camera to look up my nose and noticed that I have what they call a deviated septum. (The wall of tissue that seperates the left and right nostril is'nt straight), my right nostril is slightly less open as the wall leans that side more.
They said that I can have a fairly small operation to fix this called Septoplasty. The right hand nostril is blocked more than the left but I'm not convinced this is the answer..
I never had a breathing problem with my nose until I caught the cold four years ago. As far as I am aware people get a problem with their nose (deviated septum) if they have some sort of injury. I think I must have always had it but not realised until they pointed it out. I must have been born with it, a cold surely can't cause it? I've never hurt my nose, they asked that.
What confuses me is that sometimes my left nostril is also blocked but at the same time my left nostril is'nt deviated, it's perfectly normal. This makes me question whether the devaited septum is causing the breathing problem or whether I have some sort of infection that is hanging around hiding. Maybe I need to battle it for alot longer, more than before with the saline rinse and antibiotics?
Nasal sprays are just a short term thing to help for a few hours, they will never actually help long term. I need to get this sorted out as four years is a long time and it seems to be getting worse if anything, to start with it was'nt that much of an issue. I can walk into a room with scented candles burning and I can barely smell them, most ppl would smell them from a long way off

All comment, opinions, experiences and recommendations welcome
Thanks, Paul

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