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Anyone here get tonsil stones?

  • Posted By: quickguide90012
  • September 10, 2010
  • 05:22 AM

I started getting these tonsil stones a few years ago. The thing is i usually get it when i eat certain foods and or i eat my food too fast. One time i had it stuck in my throat for close to 1 month and felt sick everyday because i everytime i swallow my saliva, i would feel something stuck in my throat.

Well i think it took me 1 year to figure out how to take it out. I would open my mouth and use a flashlight and see those stones. I never knew i could do that till last year. Then i take my right index finger and push it out and would be gagging many times to get it out. Well after many attempts, i found out it was not that hard to push those stones out and then have a clear throat. Well the thing is almost everytime i had tonsil stones, it would be in right side inside my mouth. Now i got tonsil stones stuck again but its in the left middle side when i open my mouth. I cannot push it out whatsoever. Does anyone have any advice? It is really bothering me and i usually get sick if it gets stuck for more than 2 days let alone the uncomfortable feeling.

I use to use vinegar to help but it helps a little bit. I am really upset that i got tonsil stones stuck in the left/middle side as oppose to the right side, where i could easily push it out with my finger. Thoughts? I won't do that surgery though because i heard there is way too much pain. I keep telling myself i will eat slower and make sure i chew my food properly but i forget every few weeks.

Last time i went to an ENT doctor, he told me he could not even see the tonsil stones even though it was extremely easy for me to see it when i opened my mouth and looked at the mirror with a flashlight. Could an ENT doctor push the tonsil stones out for me at the office? Do they have the equipment there? I know its a temporarily solution and surgery would be the last resort.

Also, is it possible for tonsil stones to be stuck in your throat for a VERY LONG TIME? Or do tonsil stones must fall off after a certain time period? I try my best to cough, gargle it out without any luck and i am really frustrated.

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  • I read many people say use an oral irrigator as oppose to a waterpik. Can someone recommend me a specific oral irrigator to buy? I read that you use it and blast the tonsil stones out but does it ALWAYS WORK? I am checking out amazon.com and they have this one with great reviews. But I wanted to know does the oral irrigator always get the tonsil stones out? The one right now that is stuck is not so big and extremly hard to take out. i been using my finger and toothpick and cotton swab and nothing works.
    quickguide90012 26 Replies
    • September 18, 2010
    • 05:47 AM
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