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any help

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 29, 2008
  • 09:43 AM

I had a sore throat and cold over xmas. the runny nose went very quick.
A week or so later I started to feel tired again the I had an awful headache one afternoon the felt like mt brain was touching my skull.

I then had an awful pressure type feeling over my left eye the pain was horrible hard to explain, the eyebrow bone going round from my head into my nose was tender to touch. I do not have any nasal discharge, and it didn't hurt when I bent forward. My eyelid swelled and from the top of my eye to the eyebrow went red.

Went to the Dr was told to buy over the counter nasal spray which I did.
Two days later saw another Dr, was told it was neuralga, take pain killers.
Stomached it for another two days went back to Dr again, who gave me becanase nasal spray and take painkillers. That night the pink bit in the corner of my eye started to swell and felt uncomfy.. I have dry eyes but that eye felt sticker.
Went back to the Dr next day given anti biotics and anti biotics eye drops. Was told sinus can inflame tissues around the eye.

Over the weekend it has been horrible, the eye feels uncomfy, however the pain in the my eyebrow has gone. I went back to my Dr yesterday who looked at my eye, said its not infected and the tear duct isn't blocked or anything like that as my eyes aren't watering (how can they when they are dry, but I know they are more stiickier). He is even doubting the sinus issues now ! I'm at my wits end.

I've looked on the net but can't find anything about this, he said its the lachrimal caruncle not the tear duct.

Has anyone else had this, it is really uncomfy and painful. And can sinus cause it

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