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Always thirsty, always congested

  • Posted By: betterways
  • May 20, 2007
  • 06:22 PM

Does anyone else feel like this? Know the cause?

I am always thirsty. I have a glass or bottle of water with me at all times.
And I wake up several times per night for drink. I've been this way for many years, but it's been worse the last several years even though I've made diet changes that should make things better: No sodas or sugary drinks. Very little alcohol or caffeine. More fruits. etc.

Also, my nose always feels congested and I have very thick mucus. Occasionally, I have sinus pressure in my face or behind my eyes, but mostly it feels like the congestion is in my nose. I can never breath freely and it gives me a headache in one temple or the other, usually the one on the side that is most congested, usually the left. It's the sharp pain kind. Years ago, it used to come and go like a twinge, but these days, it tends to be a steady pain.

I am also never sick as I don't think anything can get through my sinuses. And I always feel extreme pressure on airplanes and then feel like I'm underwater for days after.

I've described my constant sinus problem to doctors and they say they've never heard of that. I've never added in the thirst though. I've recently decided they might be related.

Now, when I read about the thick mucus, they say it has to do with dryness and to get a humidifier. But I live in an extremely godawful humid climate. And I think I feel better when I spend time in a dry climate, but it's been so long since I spent more than a few days away from home, so I'm not sure.

I've tried saline and rinsing in the past and thought they helped, but weren't a cure and moved on to something else. I've just decided to try that again. Also, to increase my salt and potassium intake. I've never eaten to much salt, and probably have less processed food than average, but I do have some and they usually have most of your salt RDA for the day.

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  • Hi, just wanted to make sure that doctors have done a diabetes check on you? Excessive thirst is the first symptom of diabetes and sometimes at that stage a simple blood test may not reveal beginning diabetes, and they really should do the test (=they have you first not eat, then have lots of sugar and then test your blood glucose levels response before and after the sugar) This can reveal diabetes early and early diagnosis is much better for your health. With type1 insulin dependent diabetes it can be a matter of days that your health deteriorates and you could slip in to a coma if left untreated.I've been insulin dependent type1 diabetic for years and couldn't help but warn you. In any case, a sudden increase in thirst is a sign of a health problem that needs sorting out. Don't drink more than 3L of water per day or you could be in serious trouble with your potassium levels!Unfortunately I can't help you with the congestion problem, just looking for answers to my high-pitch sensitivity myself.
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  • Thanks, but no, I don't have diabetes. And I've been this way for nearly 20 years. It just seems to be bothering me more the last couple of years.
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  • Were you screened for diabetes? Or was that just a self denial diagnosis? I also think you have a food allergy and a deviated septum. Try to not eat dairy/cheese/wheat and see if you improve any, of course after you get checked for diabetes. There could be airborn poisons/mold that keep irritating you, too. Investigate the cause.
    Monsterlove 2921 Replies
    • October 9, 2007
    • 08:02 AM
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  • i feel u on that one i dont have mutch to say but im always thursty and i dont have diabetes its a certin mold in my house that u cant seethat irratates ur sinuses and tonsles..try vicks i know you tryed it before becouse all people who suffer go through it. it wont fix it but it helps :) im still sick with it. and thats why im here to see what helps iknow exacly what you feel just be hopful goood luck!
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