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Advice please

  • Posted By: tiffer_rev
  • December 2, 2007
  • 00:27 PM

Hi, I noticed a lump in my throat on monday evening and went to see a doctor who told me i had a throat infection and prescribed me with Ethromycin as i'm allergic to Penicillin. The lump didn't clear up and by thursday i felt awful and took some paracetamol hoping it was just a fever. When i woke up on friday my gums were all swollen and i had blisters on my lips and tongue, had a headache, my vision had become blurry especially in my right eye, i kept getting hot and cold flushes and i was very unstable on my feet so my housemates took me to the accident and emergency ward where they took one look at me and assumed i was either drunk or on drugs and made me wait for a few hours.
When the doctor saw me my pulse was 105 (when resting it's generally 58) my bp was 130 over 69 which is far higher than normal and he told me i had a raging temperature and apologised because i was actually sick and gave me more paracetamol for the temperature. He took some blood for testing and I was sent for an x-ray as he believed i had an abscess in my throat and when he got the results he said this was the case but after some deliberation with another doctor they decided i have an infected sub mandibular gland and Ethromycin can't target this so they gave me some Cefradine and IV'd some anti biotics to give me a boost.
I went home friday night feeling better, my gums are still swollen, a pharmacist said the blistering is more likely to be impetigo than a cold sore as the doctor thought and my teeth and jaw have a constant dull ache but from time to time it feels like a sharp sudden wave of pain runs through my jaw and the bottom set of teeth. A friend told me this is likely to be neuralgia because i'm just run down.
Do you think this is the case or should i go back to the hospital?
I'm 22 and normally fit and healthy with no medical problems. I don't smoke, take drugs and i drink socially and up until now hadn't been on any medication
Thanks for your time

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  • This is a very peculiar mix of items Chris, Lump in Throat-Soreness Pain in Gums, etc... I might want an Xray of your Face and Neck and to look in all those places if I were your Doctor. An ER Clinic like you went to is not adaquete for this so I would seek some further help if it's financially possible for you or go back and whine to they help you. It may have even been advisable to withdrawl some fluid from the lump and test it. It is very very strange, and dangerous to go unchecked, so check on it SOON! As for what is wrong, the things you mentioned were all hit and miss and it doesn't sound like your Doctors know anymore than me or you... Sadly! You may have half a dozen problems I can dream of and that you're 22 and healthy, you likely shouldn't have any issues. SO hurry up and find out what you can and DO NOT stress. That'll make it worse if anything.. There are a lot of things that can be "nothing," but safer and early diagnosis is utterly important. Ear Nose and Throat is who you want to see, the Specialist, look them up in the Pages
    Liam123 48 Replies
    • December 10, 2007
    • 06:38 AM
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