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A 15 Year Old's Story (Tonsil Stones)

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 21, 2011
  • 07:48 AM

Hey guys,

My name is Alex (Male) and I am 15. I had same problem... tonsil stones! Well I could not stand them anymore. I had bad breath all day, even if I brushed, flossed, and tongue scraped. It was so embarrassing. My friends at school would even ask "Why is your breath so bad". I had to tell them about tonsil stones, and explain that I am trying to get rid of them. I would spend nights reading about how to get rid of them.

One day at school, a kid at my lunch table said "Why does your breath smell like sh-t", and everyone agreed with him. I was so mad, and sad. I went home and begged my Mom to take me an ENT, which she did. The ENT said I have tonsil stones. He suggested all the bull**** excuses, like Gargle, Water Pick, and Anti-Biotics. After telling me that he admitted that those almost never work (which I knew). He said that I should get my tonsils out. The Dr's name was Doctor Rosos, he was very great.

I went to the Hospital on a Tuesday, at 4:30 AM. I did the usual procedure, and all went well. The pain right after the surgery was not bad, at all. I went home at around 1:30 PM. The Pain meds they gave me helped a lot, and made the experience much easier. Day 2's pain was moderate (I would say 4/10). After four days or so, I was off the pain killers. The worst the pain ever got was a 6.

One day, in the morning, when everyone was at work or school, I was playing my favorite game: Call of Duty. I was playing and swallowed... It felt like I swallowed a huge chunk of plastic. I was so scared, so I called my Mom. She said it's just the scabs. I was relieved.
After a week and four days, I felt normal. I went back to school, and everyone was happy to see me. They were all amazed that I did not have such horrid breath anymore. I was the happiest kid alive.

Word of Advice: Never back out of a Tonsillectomy because people on the internet say it is ultra-Painful! The pain is different for everyone... I had almost no problems! I hope this Post helps people!

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