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1 month passed after tonsillectomy but still hurts and smell something!

  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 20, 2011
  • 07:55 PM

Please help if you knew something...

Today I'm on Day 32 after the surgery and still have some problems.

Here is the story:

I really hated having tonsil stones and had tonsillectomy just because I didn't wanna worry about a bad breath again. No high fever or anything, I did it just because of tonsil stones.

It was not so bad (I usually found them only once or twice a month and was always very tiny) Even my doctor said that I was too nervous and my tonsils looked normal and no need to be removed.

Anyways I did have the surgery because I really wanted to be completely free from tonsil stones and I was recovering well (less scab/pain day by day), went to work every day after Day 8 and felt almost no pain on Day 19.
However on Day 20 since I woke up, I started having a slight fever again and only right side of the surgery site became swollen and hurt a little again too. (Left side looks flat and fine with no pain)

My doctor said it's probably just infected through the wound and gave me antibiotic pills & pain-relief pills and I took them for 1 week. It now looks better than last week but still not flat and hurts a little bit.

Sorry for the long story.... but the thing is I started wondering if some of the right tonsil still remained, I mean not all of the right tonsil was removed and the rest of it inflamed now? because it's just like before the surgery. slight fever, feel sluggish and the swollen wound looks like there is still a tonsil inside... I'm so worried if I need to have surgery again :(

One more thing, I still smell something sometimes in my mouth which is not that bad like tonsil stones but something a little close to it....something I never smelled before the surgery. I noticed it on Day 2 or 3? not sure but I thought it was a smell of the scab. but most of the scab has gone now and I still smell it especially when I wake up in the morning. What is this???

I have an appointment with my doctor again next week but just wanted to ask here before that.
Thank you for reading and please help if you knew something!

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