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Re operating a perferated ear drum

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 27, 2007
  • 10:01 AM

In Jan 2006 I underwent surgery for a perferated ear drum but my hearing never came back to normal now I have to do another surgery as the ear drum is perferated once again. Has anyone undergone the same surgery twice?

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  • Miranda from NYI have undergone the surgery once on my right eardrum. I had tubes put in at 1, having them fall out the same year and leave perforations. I had cronic ear infections i.e when one ended another started, all through my childhood. Ammoxicillin and Augmentin no longer work on me because I took them so often. My hearing was normal. At age 16, I had my tympanic membrane (ear drum) repaired with a skin graft by an ENT. The ENT had told me I could swim agian and the main reason ear drums are repaired are to prevent cysts from forming. After one year it finally healed and I had lost 10% of my hearing i.e I can only hear 90% on a 100 scale. He wanted to do the other ear but I said no. I am 20 now. I have a weird imbalance of pressure in my ears. My right ear has not made a new hole yet. My ears always bother me, but not constantly like before the surgery, and I have chronic swollen lymph glands, and a cough that comes back every 2 months. Last summer my new (3rd) ENT has told me his theory I have a eustacian tubes that aretoo small. (The tube that drains your middle ear) This is why my ear drums made holes in my ear to begin with. He said he knows of no doctor that has tried to operate on a eustacian tube. He said its very dangerous because it is life threatening if it doesn't work. He wants to reperferate my eardrum. However he said the most common complication is hearing loss. I have been weary to loose even more of my hearing. Every time you have surgery on your ear, you risk losing hearing. I haven't heard of gaining hearing from a surgery. I hope this helps you to make your decision.
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  • Hi, my eardrums used to rupture regularly when I was a child. Eventually my doctor said that I was allergic to dairy products and once I was put onto goat's milk, the problems stopped. As an adult, now that I am back onto dairy products, I am prone to middle ear infections if I get sick. Of course, as soon as I get a head cold, I go off dairy and sugar because they increase mucus. I have had two perforated eardrums as an adult, both of which have resulted upon flying. I would suggest going off dairy or getting allery tested. If you have problems flying, I would suggest taking cold and flu medication when flying and using 'Air Plane' earplugs (they are a life saver!).
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    • November 7, 2007
    • 03:49 AM
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  • I have had 4 Typanomastoidectmies on my left ear. I had chronic Otisis media. I would develop a hole in my eardrum and as it was trying to heal the skin would grow back into the middle ear and create a cyst. All this was due to the eustation (sp) tube collapsing or being too small. Repairing the eardrum does improve hearing (at least it did for me). They definitely need to determine what is causing the repeating development of holes in the eardrum. For one of my operations they took the canal wall down. This opened up the canal into the mastoid area. Since then (almost 20 years) I haven't had any more holes develop in the eardrum. Most of the hearing loss I have now is due to the disease.
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    • December 18, 2007
    • 08:32 PM
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  • Once I had lot of itching in my left ear and went to the Doctor. That is the biggest mistake i did. He poured water into the ear and pulled with syringe. It created a hole. Then he did tympanoplasty surgery. After that I developed, pressure problems in my ears. I developed tinnitus. And when I board flight, i have so much pain, i want to kill myself. And on top of all this, i got psoriasis.
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    • December 24, 2007
    • 09:28 PM
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  • In Jan 2006 I underwent surgery for a perferated ear drum but my hearing never came back to normal now I have to do another surgery as the ear drum is perferated once again. Has anyone undergone the same surgery twice?i had the same operation as yourself and had the regraft done in 2004, since that time my life has been dogged down with chronic ear pain,sensative scar tissue and ear infections, i have been on countless pain tablets and nerve stimulation tablets to try and ease the pain. i have been unable to work because any exertion to the head causes yet more pain,if you take my advise if you can live quite happily the way things are the i would not have the operation done because all the surgeons are bothered about is that the graft is still intact and any other pain is not connected and you get sent back and forth between ent and max facial without any wanting to do anything about the person left suffering. my left ear is now perforated but theres no chance i will ever let them mess around with that one my life has already been ruined without any glimmer of hope in the future thanks for listening
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    • February 7, 2011
    • 10:26 PM
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