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Pressure Sensitivity, Pop Constantly

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  • Posted By: Temperate
  • April 13, 2007
  • 07:14 AM

Okay, for about....I dunno...7 years now (at least, that's when I first remember noticing it), my ears have been totally pressure sensitive. I feel like I can predict thunderstorms :p
Anyway, they are poppy constantly, I even got my mom to put her ear up to mine and she can hear it when I pop my ears! My inner ears are painful sometimes, and sometimes (more rare) they feel like someone just jabbed a few needles in them! They also get really itchy inside too.
I've also found that I just can't ever get things to go in my ears (like earphones and airplane earplugs and stuff). I'm pretty sure I get a minor headache sometimes if I pop them too much or something too. And minor headaches when I don't sometimes. Sometimes I wake up and my ears and a little onto my head/neck/jaw area that's around the ears hurt a lot so I have to pop them (also because they hear like i've got a cold sometimes when I wake up).
I hate it when people open a window in cars cuz it hurts my ears XD (just thought I'd add that for some reason).
Somtimes I get a sort of dizzy feeling, don't know if it's related but I thought I'd mention it cuz I know ears control that to some degree.
I don't think I have abnormal wax production or anything...and my ears don't drip or anything like I've seen mention of when I've been researching...
that's about all I can think of...ask any questions if you'd need to know anything else..

Any clue people?

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  • I get that same feeling when someone opens a window in the car! The pressure is horrible! What could possibly be happening with our ears?
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  • Guys, the summary of my condition and what caused me to FIND THE LINK AT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS POST follows. I give you all this in bullet point form to facilitate reading and to give you all context for my condition so you can compare your own. I really hope it helps. I understand how scary and disccomforting it is. Before this incident, and still - for the most part - I've been a fearless type-A, moving forward with my life. This incident gave me some pause.1) recently moved to a new area in the South Eastern US2) a) Upon move, there is/was severe pollen in the area (this is the case in many places nationwide) b) Began taking chloroquine for malari protection in belize (site of dive trip)3) Went scuba diving in belize and had some barotrauma (did not go farther than 50 feet, but did have difficulty clearing and had pain - pretty 'normal' occurence for diving I'm told. -- lieft ear very stuffy -- No vertigo during dive -- Got lightheaded on the boat when I tried to clear my ear tube by blowing hard (WARNING -- guys, do not, do not do this, be really, really really careful with blowing your nose.. be gentle -- its structurs are)4) Came back to said severe pollen area -- noticed ringing in ear (really, really scared me)5) Went to ENT who noticed a bruise on my ear drum, my fiance came with me and saw it; Doc said it would take 1-2 weeks to clear, noticed my throat swelling (I thought it was from my motion sickness during boat travels in belize), and told me to check back in 5-6 weeks -- No hearing loss (at least hearing loss that can be tested for) -- all other standard tests normal6) Ringing continued for 1.5 weeks. got better, got worse. i got scared7) Started theorizing what the problem could be8) Did a ton of online research and got even more scared ** (see below for some recommendations based on my limited research of things to do/not to do to protect your precious and important ears)9) Went out to dinner in loud, smoky restaurants 3 nights in a row, 2nd night used tissue to block the sound, 3rd night used ear plug10) Visited my brother this past weekend who has suffered with allergies/asthma his whole life11) Now 2 weeks after my incident, I happened to open my mouth and look into the bathroom mirror -- my uvula (little dangly thing was literally 3-4 times the size of my brothers)12) Also noticed that the soft tissues inside my mouth looked red and inflamed13) Began to theorize that, hmm, maybe its allergies (I've had them my whole life but never really was that affected by them) causing the ringing .. and that I need to limit the drinking and detox by drinking ample water to let my body try to heal itself14) So far, my research indicates that this is indeed possible - stuffiness and ringing from allergies15) Did the "neti" pot (sinus irrigation) at my brothers twice this weekend16) Felt 'free' and 'relaxed' after the first neti session -- my bro helped me and said "dang" you've got a lot of goodness coming out17) Ear felt 75% better18) Brothers new apartment dust, etc was irrititaing both he and I -- we both complained of feeling head "full" in the living room19) Took some homeopathic medicines (Dad is a naturopath)20) Did the second neti poth21) Took some more homeopathic remedies22) Began taking claritin/alavert -- did not help day 1 -- am still taking itAt this point, yesterday made 2 weeks and 1 day since the SCUBA diving incident and the time the doc said it would take to clear. Here are the results:1) the ringing is noticeably better. I only notice it when I focus on it, but its still there -- an annoyance and still scary to be sure. 2) My inner mouth strcutures are not as swollen, but uvula an inner lining soft tissues are still looking inflamed3) On a couple of occasions, I've noticed airflow coming out of my left nostril to be much less "strong" than that coming out of my right nostril.4) As I type this, both don't feel as "strong" in terms of airflow; the ringing is there, but not as bad as last weekOkay, all that being said, I've had a friend have bed spins and major headaches form working out and be prescribe claritin - it helped him. He indicated that he started using mucinex and its really helped him. Great, terrific. I've now been trying to research mucinex (really trying to figure out if it would somehow make the ringing/tinnitus worse ** again, see below for why I was being cautious about it). So from all that, I've found the following non-medicative, non-surgical procedure based on the very kind blogging of a gentleman from California. I do not have a clue if this is going to help me even more, but i wanted to share it with you guys in case it helps you all. LINKS:* The gentleman's blog who led me to post this here for all sufferers http://spatula.net/blog/archive/2007_01_01_spatula_archive.html* The resulting resource and the 'procedure' describedhttp://www.healing.org/only-6.html** Things not to do: - Overly forceful valsava maneuvers - Take short-acting decongestants while SCUBA diving - Go high-diving - Stick foreign objects in your ear (i've seen people stick paperclips in their ears) - Expose yourself to loud machinery and music without ear plugs; protech yourself - Seriously consider avoiding SCUBA diving if you are a "phlegmy" type (My career is over as my fiance and family are too important to me to risk some of the brutal injuries that can occur.)** Things to do: - Check on the otoxicity (level to which a medication can cause hearing loss and/or tinnitus) of medications prescribed to you by your doctor. Get a reference, keep it. Make sure you and your family check it before taking medication (OTC or prescription)I could not find a free, complete online list so I post this one here:http://www.hearinglosshelp.com/products/ototoxicdrugbook.htm -- chloroquine which I was taking for the trip is ototoxic (effects are usually reversible, but some medications are not, and why would you put anything in your body that is not reversible) - Respond to a cold/sinus headache with swift, practical and complete treatment; but don't overdo the drugs - Learn to love Neti - Learn that your body is a wholistic machine. While many western physicians want to scientifically "isolate" individual cause-effect problems, the body (like the earth) is a complex system. Yours is different than mine. Listen to it, understand how interconnected your ears, sinus passages, eustachian tube, balance, wellness, depression, anxiety all are interconnected - Get tested for allergies! I've had them my whole life but have felt that they are not a big deal and can generally *deal* with them. its okay to deal, but figure out what you're *dealing with* so you can have a fighting chance regarding what to avoid/embrace** Other trivia - It is said that all the particlesthat form a human body change during a period of seven years 7, 14, 21, 35 (I'm 35), 42, etc .. perhaps your body is changing -- listen to itHope this sincerely helps you all. I'll keep you guys posted on my progress. Godspeed to you all.
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  • hmmmmm 1) I've never gone scuba or anything, but I did notice that I think this ear sensitivity started when I took a family road trip to like..colorado, and driving up mountains and stuff. It made me cry cuz my ears and head hurt so much. Felt sick. So maybe that's similar...scuba...mountains...2) :S I might like puke or something if a doctor sticks his finger in my throat....maybe worth it though >.>3) What is "Overly forceful valsava maneuvers"?
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  • Temperate, its very possible that the altitude could have affected you. There is a link on this site that mentions something similar (different thread):http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?p=37702I'd say you might have congestion/your eustacian tubes are not draining properly. I'll tell you, if I find a doctor that an do tha procedure. I'm gonna give it a shot. I really wish you the best.I'm using mucinex (regular mucinex for coughs) and I can feel fluid/mucus draining into my throat from time-to-time for the last day or so. My ear pressure/popping is still there, but I have hope that it will get sorted out. I'm gonna schedule a doctor's appointment tomorrow with an ENT who has a more "friendly" office.My advice would be too not too long. Find a good doctor in your area and manage your condition, but be sensible about medication and procedures recommended (invasive surgery) .. you only have one set of ears/eustacian tubes .. treat them well.By the way, I was looking on line for a good "find a good doctor service" and found this -- it costs $9.95 for a one day subscription but may be worth its weight in gold:http://www.castleconnolly.com/membership/index.cfm?source=google
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  • Also found this on another wrong diagnosis thread --www.earpopper.com ..Best of luck. God's speed.
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  • Hah! figures, she's gone to Colorado :P! Darn mountains!Yeah, well I've made an appointment to go to the doctor so we'll see what he says. Maybe he'll know what to do, I had other weird stuff and he said it's a lot more common that you think...so if he thought that was I'm sure he'll know what to do for this :)
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  • Well. I went to the doctor. He said my ear canals are narrow, and my ear drums are quite retracted. Definitely something wrong. He said he thinks I have Eustachian tube disfunction...which apparently is really hard to do anything about...but he prescribed me some Nasonex, and if that doesn't work I have to go get my hearing tested and he might send me to an ENT specialist.
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  • I am pretty sure Nasonex is a steriod - correct me if I am wrong...please be careful and know the side effects of this - visit www.drugs.com for complete info on side effects. Also, please look into a treatment called NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique). It is fantastic, and has helped me tremendously! I have chronically suffered from ear problems since I was very little, with tubes and constant antibiotics. I still have some hearing loss in my left ear, and the past several years have still gotten horrendous ear infections. Since starting NAET my symptoms have improved dramatically, and I can now pop my ears without difficulty or pain...the real proof that this treatment works for me will be when next winter rolls around. (hopefully I will not get sick again). NAET is not a quick fix, and takes some time, but since the treatments I haven't used my inhaler ONCE(I have adult onset asthma), and my chronic digestion problems have gone. Please look into this treatment - www.naet.com Best wishesDOM
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  • I am pretty sure Nasonex is a steriodYeah, it's a corticosteroid. Mometasone Furoate Monohydrate. I've been prescribed mometasone furoate before, in a cream, for something else lol. He said the worst side effect that can occur is nose bleed. And I've never had one so I don't expect I'll be getting that. It came with a paper that said all the side effects and stuff. I already read it. :) Yeah, I think you've mentioned NAET before. The nearest doctor is 2 hours away. So, we'll see.
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  • So I just read http://forums.studentdoctor.net/showthread.php?t=323514 (well, most of it) and someone mentioned something about itchy ears and whatnot. And I'd been thinking it might be connected myself. Now the thing is, the thing on my tonsil isn't a stone....they never come off by themselves....and they're more just flat spreading out over tonsil....in fact, I think it might only be on the right tonsil, I can't even see my left one at all o.0 I'm wondering if I don't even have a left one...anyway...o.0 what do you think?I also went to the doctor a while ago, and he took a swab of it. I'm gonna get the test results soon. It was in the same visit where he prescribed me nasonex (which didn't help btw) and told me I have retracted eardrums, narrow canals, and possible eustachian tube dysfunction...
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