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pressure induced vertigo with constant unsteadiness

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  • Posted By: jeffreyallen
  • April 26, 2009
  • 07:40 PM

my most recent concern is the debilitating shorts bouts of extreme vertigo lasting only 1min or less. i have since discovered a conductive hearing loss and an eardrum perforation.(it is important to note that these problems are happening in the same ear that i had surgery on back in '88. i had a partial mastoidectomy and a complete eardrum reconstruction all following a cholestiatoma suggestion prior to surgery.

my vertigo seems to be brought on by extreme pressure situations. it was first notice falling off my surfboard nearly two years ago. i came to the surface spinning violently. it happened again about three months ago surfing and on a few more occasions while cycling very strenuously.

i am left now with constant mild ear pain/pressure, unsteadyness, headache and nausea/vomiting.

also important to note, is that i had a ct w/ contrast showing maxillary sinus congestion. upon a ent scope of my nose, i was found to have a deviated septum, although mildly deviated, still a candidate for surgery.

later, after symptoms persisted, i had a ct of my temporal...negative. an mri of my head, negative as well. other negative tests include eng/vng, The Dix-Hallpike test, and every in office test possible.

i can however, create a horizontal shift in my horizon with i apply a suction cup pressure over my infected ear using the palm of my hand. it won't bring on an attack, but will noticeably shift my horizon down on the infected ear's side.

what makes this diagnosis even more difficult, is that i have a history of headaches. i have had sporadic headaches my whole life. this recent bout has been on/off since the end of last summer. in the last five weeks i have been to the er 4 times for a severe headache. the last two times, they have been associated with severe nausea.

it is hard not to think that the headaches and ear problems are related, and ent is trying to rule this out.

some conditions/diseases have been been thrown around lately by my doctors. one is miniere's disease, another more specifically is endolymphatic hydrops, and the third is perilymph fistula.

at this this point though, everyone is still baffled. the bottom line for me is that i can not lead a normal life anymore, for me that is competitive cycling and surfing. if i had the option to preserve the hearing i do have in my right ear, but have to lead a cautious rest of my life, or potentially lose all my hearing by having surgery to either sever my vestibular nerve or completely take out my hearing bones, the choice would be simple.

i am confident i would bounce back. vestibular rehabilitation is something i would adhere to very well.

i guess what my question is, relates to the decision on when it is appropriate to go in for exploratory surgery. do i seem like a candidate?

in the meantime, i am on a preventative migraine medicine propranalol, and if my dizziness dose not dissipate, they will try a diuretic hydroclorothiazide. then possibly doing a gentemiacin injection transtympanically.

any insight on my case would be greatly appreciated!


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  • new symptoms: i have, since this posting, noticed two more concerning symptoms. the first being an occasional ringing(tinnitus, i assume). and the second being a more distinct sharp pain in my ear. (before it was more of a pressure type of pain.)almost forgot, there is a third: constant eyelid twitching.
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  • Maybe you should check into this:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superior_canal_dehiscenceGood luck!jan
    janspringer 1 Replies
    • January 17, 2013
    • 08:14 PM
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