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Food getting trapped in ear canal connecting from the mouth.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 16, 2007
  • 05:14 PM

I am 24 now and I have had this problem since I was about 12, maybe earlier. It used to happen all the time and then it stopped for about 7 years. Now it is happening again ALOT.

When I eat certain foods, I can feel the tiny pieces getting pushed into the ear passage from my mouth. It causes slight discomfort, as I do feel pressure a few days after. It also makes the inside of my mouth, by the connecting canal, itchy. After about 2 weeks or so these beigey/cream colored pieces of rotten food just slide out into my mouth. They are firm but they smell really bad. Sometimes they are as big as a lemon seed, even a bit bigger, and sometimes they are as small as a poppy seed.

It is very frustrating for me because I don't know how to stop it nor do I like how it makes my breath smell after a piece comes out. I also sometimes can feel air going into my ear when I breath in with only my nose. I sense this this why food gets trapped in there. Like I said I feel alot of pressure in behind my jaw and farther up into my ear. I feel as though not all the food comes back out? How do I prevent it, besides not eating, and how can I treat it? I feel this is a tedious thing to see my doctor about. I haven't heard anything about it or seen anyone online who has similar problems.

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  • I have this problemt but it is behind my tonsils. Its hardened calcified food that gets trapped. My doctor said I can have tonsil surgery but that its not worth the complications. His recommendation: gargle a lot, with mouthwash. It burns but it works. I'm just to lazy to do it now but for the couple months, every time I brushed my teeth I gargled and didnt have the food pieces. It made my breath smell better too.
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  • I think it's actually dead cells and bacteria, not food. I read that somewhere. And it does give you wicked bad breath! They say the tonsils are supposed to catch/fight germs before they invade the body - like advance troops, or something. I seem to be run-down or about to get sick when I get those weird blobs in the sides of my throat. At these times, I dig them out with a swab & I gargle, which is all very unpleasant and makes me gag! but I don't want to have the bad breath!When I go for a long stretch without having them, I think my health is good, the tonsils are not swollen, and the dead cells easily slough off without getting stuck and putrifying.
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  • I have this problem too, and I agree that it is not actually food.I looked into it a few years ago, and found that it is most likely bacterial plugs in tonsillic crypts.I suppose that's just a fancy way of saying that some bacteria has made a home in a "pocket" in your tonsils. It then grows to the point where you can feel it.I can usually pop the things out with my tongue, but sometimes have to use a q-tip. Gargling does help prevent them...Glad to see I'm not the only person having to deal with this :)-GK
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  • I agree with all the responses. It is bacteria collecting in the crypts of your tonsils. I am 56 and have had these sypmtoms since I was 21 when I contracted mononucleosis in college. To make a long story short, my tonsils were so swollen at that time, that my windpipe was almost completely swollen shut. After that, my tonsils NEVER went back to a normal size; always have had the deep crypts which, as everyone knows, collect the bacteria and smell awful! Just to let you know, I bit the bullet 8 days ago and had my tonsils removed. The pain that was predicted, which I didn't think could possibly be that bad, IS! Swallowing has been all but impossible and the numbing medicine you get numbs your tongue quite well but doesn't quite get to the root of the problem....the sides and back of your throat.Prior to surgery I thought I had sinus issues. A CT scan of my sinuses said they were normal. IMMEDIATELY after surgery my nose was not stuffed, completely clear and it has been for the past 7 days. Also, I swear I'm hearing better too! I am convinced that having my tonsils out, although painful and with genuine prolonged misery, was the thing to do and that it will help all the parts of my nasal cavity: ears, nose and throat!Adult Tonsilectomy; no picnic but I believe will be well worth the discomfort!
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    • January 18, 2008
    • 04:26 PM
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  • Thanks Karenziemba for the response. I've thought many times about getting my tonsils removed so I wouldn't have this problem anymore. I am afraid of the pain & complications... but I'm encouraged by your description of the benefits you've already experienced!
    Mary V 11 Replies
    • January 20, 2008
    • 05:00 AM
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  • This is happening even to me tiny pieces of food comes out of ear after a full blockage is this serious issue will it lead to disaster? what can i do to prevent it? i know its not a bacteria or any dead cells with such big amount of piece.
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    • September 11, 2014
    • 07:17 AM
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  • Tonsil stones. Check out . It drove me crazy for DECADES, not knowing what it was. Thank God for Google, and people willing to talk about weird and embarrassing stuff. This may not be the answer for everyone, but these descriptions were so very familiar! And as Dr. Oz says, NEVER be embarrassed to ask your doctor.
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    • December 23, 2014
    • 01:39 PM
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  • It is not always tonsil stones. Some people get pieces of food stuck behind their palate or, in this case, in the ear canal. Blueberry seeds are a frequent problem for me, and they get stuck behind my palate. Some kinds of bread go up, too. Tonsil stones are a different phenomenon.
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    • January 24, 2016
    • 03:09 AM
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