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Ear problems. ENT claims its dental braces!

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  • June 10, 2007
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I have been having trouble with my ears for about 6 months now. The first few times I was seeing my GP for pain in my left ear. He treated me with antibiotics and 2 steroid shots for an ear infection. I was back a few days later still in a lot of pain. He increased my anitobiotics for a longer period of time and gave me oral steroids. Ear got better but returned in April. Went back to GP and he said the ear was infected again. Another round of antibiotics and steroids. Few weeks later I was having pain in both ears. Went back to GP who said I had 2 ear infections. He sent me to an ENT. ENT claimed that my ears were fine and that the pain was due to dental "braces" which I have had since last October! He gave me some medicince for pain and sent me on my way. Was still having a lot of ear pain and developed a plugged feeling and ringing in my right ear so I went back to GP and told him about the ENT and I also went and talked to my orthodontist who said that he has not heard of such. Went back to GP last week due to plugged ear, ringing, and pain and he sent me to have a CT scan. CT showed that I have polyps in my sinuses and a deviated septum but they were not sure if that had anything to do with my ears. Got another appointment with the ENT for next week. I'm getting really frustrated and wish that SOMEONE could figure it out!

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  • I had the same problem a year ago after I had jaw surgery. My doctors couldn't give me an explanation except it could be TMJ. But they never said braces, plus this would have been my second set at age 24. A month later I was back in the office with ear pain, loss of hearing, fullnes in ear, and vertigo. They put me on steroids, plus heavy narcotics which made it go away for a second. But at last I got a cat scan and they said they would like to do an MRI. You have to have your braces taken off, because of the metal. But it was worth the MRI. I was diagnosed with a rare tumor called an aucustic neromia. About one out of 10,000 people get them. It grows in your auditory canal which hold your hearing, and facial nerve to your brain. It also can effect your vestibular, which is your balance and can be life thretening over time. I have had it removed since, but I recomened just taking to a really good ENT doctor. Because when I went to mine the first thing he said was " Hearing loss could be leading to a serious underlying cause." And with research I found out that not to many doctors will look or test for these tumors because they are so rare. But just a thought. Good luck and god bless.
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    • December 1, 2007
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  • I have the same. Was on antibiotics for nothing twice. Right now, I follow the advice of one great holistic nutiicionist: my ears will be a weak spot until I have braces. So, when teh pain starts, I take one pill of Allicillin and at night I squeeze the contecnt of one capsule (soft gels they are) on a cotton ball and plug it in my ears. It gets better. Try to avoid sugar and dairy when it really hurts, to help your boidy fight it itself. The explanation was this-with the metal in your mouth, PH factor is different and bacteria settles there easier. Also, you can add to your this mix: r parts of water to one part of any vinegar. it will change a PH balance in your ear and will hopefully confuse bacteria. Good luck!!!
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