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chronic balance problems

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 28, 2007
  • 08:10 PM

For the 30 years I have been bothered with balance problems. These began in the mid-1970's when I moved to a new (new for me, not a new construction) house during the month of June. As soon as the furnace came on that fall, I became ill with sinus problems and my balance was affected. Antibiotics and Antivert were prescribed, but once I finished the treatment, symptoms returned after a few days to a week. Periodically over the years I would have sinus problems, usually accompanited by balance problems. After moving again in 1979, I still had these conditions - noting that changes in the weather (incoming storms) - would provoke sinus headaches, pressure and balance problems. In recent years, our family doctor put me on Flonase, which seemed to help somewhat.

In the fall of 2006, I was treated by an allergist who determined that I was allergic to indoor mold and dust mites. (Should note also that my symptoms became much worse while remodeling the house I had moved into originally, which led me to the allergist after an ear-nose-throat specialist couldn't find any causes.) Adding Allergra-D (still taking the Flonase) has helped immensely. For the first time in years, I was well all last fall - not even a cold. I still get sinus headaches and some balance problems when the weather changes, but not bad enough to slow me down much.

Last week I noticed feeling very tired and then realized my balance was off and getting worse. Started with a sinus headache that lasted two days and now have some pressure in my ears and cheekbones that seems to come and go, but never gone completely. When I went to the doctor, labrynthitis was mentioned for the first time. They are running other tests to clear out any other possible causes.

Does anyone know anything about labrynthitis? I have never heard it mentioned before, but it seems to be a likely culprit (possibly triggered by unknown allergies all those years ago) from what I've read.


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  • I just went to the doctor and was told that. It appears to me to be a generic term for inner ear infection that causes loss of balance. This site has some information on it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to describe my symptoms well to my doctor, so I don't belive this is what I have. He prescribe me Meclazine which did not help at all, but may help you.
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  • You have just about told my story....In 1968, one year after returning from Vietnam, passed out in a Biology Lab Lecture. Luckily landed in a beautiful blondes lap ! Got up and went to my "old time family Dr." (they don't exist anymore as far as I know!) He prescribed "Actifed" before it became available over the counter. Took and stopped......made me extremely nervous.Lived with condition for thirty-four years....2002 after CATSCAN diagnosed with Vertigo....Meclizine got me out, and used a few more times that year.Last month or so have felt all kinds of things going on, balance shaky, neck pains, sore left shoulder muscles. Took five year old Meclinze again and it helped, but still at this time feel a bit shaky.But have also discovered that I am extremely allergic to OLEANDER....Just looking at them makes my head want to lay sideways.......Your not alone my friend. Thanks for your story. Hope this brings some comfort. Yours did for me.Take care.Bob
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  • Just an update for you Bob: I just had my labs come back and all was normal...including my thyroid, white blood cells, and sugars. My real doctor told me on Monday that I did NOT have labrynthitis for sure because of how my eyes reacted to the "follow the light/finger" test. In addition I did not have vertigo, but you do. And Meclizine did NOT help me at all. It turns out I've had a severe side effect to Lexapro or more likely Effexor. I've had my best day today, but still have some "brain zaps" and am completely out of sorts. I cannot keep track of my work, feel like I'm talking A LOT...like someone who is "on something". It is very frusting and my doc and I have agreed to stay OFF of Effexor and other anti-anxiety/depressent meds for the next two weeks to see if these symptoms disappear. Fine with me! Good luck to you!
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  • UPDATE! A specialist told me that I may have Meniere's Disease in BOTH ears (rare). I have more tests to get through before we know for sure.
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