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They call me "Hasmenés Fiú" in Hungarian (hence my user name)

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  • Posted By: Hasmenés Fiú
  • August 16, 2012
  • 05:25 AM

Hasmenés Fiú or Diarrhoea Boy in Hungarian, has become my nickname these past four months in Nyiregyhaza, east Hungary. I have been sustaining a diarrhoea situation like I never experienced before! This began began in April this year. It started out to be what I had initially thought was a nasty case of food poisoning, or a viral stomach flu such as from Mr. Noro. (norovirus). Usually those situations usually resolved themselves in a couple of days. Five days later, I was experiencing the same amount of the runs as the onset. It would not quit! Today here in mid August, it still has not ceased and desisted!

I went to my doctor. Firstly, I was ordered a stool kultura. Sometime later, it came back negative for any pathogens. I had a coloscopy only a few months prior while visiting friends in Budapest, and no problems there. So what the **** could be causing this örök hasmenés (eternal' diarrhoea)? IBS? Crohns? I had no idea.

Well IBS, Crohns, cancer, et all have been ruled out. But obviously something was (and is) causing this on going diarrhoea in perpetua! Other symptoms though minor in campatison were (and still are) bloating, gas, inrtestinal noises, weight loss, and cramping, fatigue that has been caused by disturbed sleep patterns, as I have to get up during the night for the loo! Mainly it is this persistent watery (nonbloody) dark greenish-brown to a tea coloured liquid or semi-liquid that is just pouring out of me! The stools are urgent, explosive, and has caused me already two public embarrassments of incontinence! (once at a shopping precinct, and another only recently at a showing of this new Batman film: The Dark Knight Rises at a cinema.

This is taking an emotional toll as well. Though I can still get about (God! I am only one score (two decades) old and a male!) I am no old (four letter word censored here, for one reason or another, meaning flatulenz)! But this makes me feel old and decrepit! If any one should have any answers I would love to hear from you! (Lastly, I should mention that I am not suffering from any sort of dehydration as I do drink plenty of fluids, I make certain of that)! ...And no, this is not cholea either! (That is caused ba the vibrio cholerae pathogen, and in my stool specimen, no pathogens were found).

Nagyon köszönöm (Thank you kindly).

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  • Have you been checked out for any clinging parasites?
    SomeWetKid 1 Replies
    • September 20, 2012
    • 02:53 PM
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