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pressure, build-up,gas, wierd noises/stomach.

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  • Posted By: annairb
  • November 26, 2007
  • 05:12 AM

im 18 and it seems i have been experiencing alot of the same symptoms for years now. probobly more than 5 or 6 years! im a senior in high school and i can remember feeling this back in 5 grade or so.
when i really started worrying about it was in 8th grade. i would be in class and my stomach would get "tight" and feel like something was building up and pressured, then it would release and be almost like "trapped gas"(as i've herd)...and it would make a LOUD wierd noise....almsot like not even a growl...just sounds like gas but with a growl...haha-any way...i still have the same problem to this day.
it almsot seems i get the symptoms when im in quiet places (such as class room or anywhere quiet!) its like i get nervous when im in quiet places and my stomach starts "bubbling" and building up then pressuring up as well and i've been so insicure and eberassed over these years because of this. i could live life soo much better if i could just find what causes this or what i can do... but when i do get it sometimes it will be so loud ill get embarrassed and wonder if any one can hear it and ill ask to use the restroom and it seems everytime...it is gas and i do "poop" and the stool is wierd...its like "shredded" and light brown/green...yellowish...etc. i do it pretty much every day when i can...after i do that whole "ritual" lol...it seems to stop...(the noises) but there has been alot of times the noises and pressure and discomfort were still there...
this just "ruins my life" though....thats how i almost feel...i cant even go to friends houses because im scared my stomach will make the noises or ill have to use the restroom and i dont want people to hear my gas and etc!!
ive tried gas-x and tums...etc...DOEST WORK.

IF ANY ONE KNOWS ANYTHING PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND EMAIL ME OR REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I WANT THIS TO END NOW! ive been to the dr. to by the way and he said eat yogurt every day and take fiber pills for a month and i basically did and that doesnt seem to help either....i eat pretty normal too i guess...i could eat healthier... people i know eat "worser" than me and i dont see this happening to them...its like im the only one!!!!

PLEASE HELP!!!!! i dont want to feel uncomfortable any more...i want a social life, i want to be able to go to quiet places, i dont wanna worry about this and distract me when i go to college next year!!!!!!!!:eek:

let me know thanks....


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