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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 28, 2007
  • 10:58 PM

Hi im 18 and am suffering badly with something that seems to be taking over my life.
I have had many tests and still nothing has been found out. For over 4 months now i have been in constant pain everyday except for a two week break. The pain is unbelievable, im left rolling around on the floor in tears with it. Some days are bearable and others i cant even get off the sofa. I missed all my a-levels and feel like i have no life any more.
I get bloated, gassy, nausea and am always tired..i have even gone to the extreme of not eating any foods with wheat, gluten and dairy. I dont drink coffee or smoke either. I used to be just over 8 stone and am now under 7 in the space of 3 months, and although eating regulary i am still losing weight.
PLEASE ANY ONE WHO THINKS THEY CAN HELP OR SHARE AN EXPERIENCE LIKE THIS i would appreciate it very much. I feel like my life is over some days when it should have just got started. I dont no what to do anymore.
Girl in desperate need of help

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  • Hey, don't feel alone! I just turned 39 and I've been going through a similar thing since mid-April. I had acute pancreatitus then, which resolved itself (so they say). Since then, I've been having horrible abdominal pain, felling bloated, gassy, the pain feels like it's running up into the sides of my chest as well. At times I have a low-grade fever and am cold and clammy. I've lost about 26 pounds and continue to loose weight, not good. As far as keeping any food in me, well, I'm not nauseaus, but lets just say it's a very fluid situation. Really not fun and a constant thing. I've had just about every test the doc's can do, and I'm so tired of it! They're telling me that they don't know what to do. It's all so very frustrating!!! I've gone as far as eliminating all glutten from my diet, in the hopes that that will have a positive impact. But so far no great results, but I'm only about a week into that. Feel free to contact me if you like, misery loves company. We can trade notes. wisdomrobert@hotmail.com
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 4, 2007
    • 10:38 PM
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  • hey, me too! I had pancreatitis back in 2005 which was supposedly sorted when they removed the cause, my gallbladder! since then I still, 5 yrs later, have constant pain which Ive learnt to deal with, worse pain upon eating anything especially fatty or spicy foods and flare ups of severe pain identical to before but of unknown source to the doctors. I always forget how mindblowing the severe flare ups are, and after each bout I determine to try and get it sorted, but always end up helplessly having nowhere to turn for help. If I had pancreatitis before, then that must be what I have now as the symptoms are identical-severe upper abdominal pain, green vomit, intense itching, fluidy stools, orangey urine, dehydration, back and chest pain. Anyone have any tips, i can try?
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 12, 2010
    • 07:05 PM
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