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I feel like I will die soon if the doctors can't treat this. Anyone have an idea?

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  • Posted By: Gypsee6
  • January 23, 2007
  • 08:25 PM

:mad: I feel as if I am dying some days. I am very serious about it. I fell just a little over 3 years ago. I had started to cross the street and tripped over a big broken area in the sidewalk. That became a running situation for me (like when I was a child) I was running just to stay off the ground, just to keep from falling made it a much harder fall. My lower left abdominal area made a very...extremly hard contact with the concrete curb. Naturally I had pain and swelling, but, I thought I would be okay after I stayed on the sofa and kept ice and heat alternating on the area. It didn't get better, only worse, and after a few weeks I realized that some major things were going on. My bladder slowed down imminsely and I was continually becoming constipated too often. I think I do have some internal injuries, yet, I can not find a doctor who thinks so. They have all said they feel it is a coincidence. I think that is because they just can't begin to realize just how much trauma a running fall can cause when that soft tissue hits a large concrete curb. As time passed I began to bloat, it became more difficult to have a BM or to feel a full bladder.
I have been to the ER several times and to my GP. Many tests have been done, looking for many disorders. CT scan/ MRI / ultra sound/ x-ray! Gas gets blocked inside my abdoman. I saw it on the x-ray. (about the size of a cantoloupe) It will not move without a medicine called Lactulose. That med then cause even more gas to form. The only relief I can get is to take laxitive. I then swell from those so bad I then have to take lasix to get back to normal again. The cycle begins again as soon as I eat "ANYTHING AT ALL" I have had a colonoscopy (by a dr who didn't put me out and apparently he didn't believe the pain he put me through) (I wonder tho)
I felt it all and I begged and cried for mercy...anyway, he could only go most of the way in and he was unable to go to the area he usually gets to in order to do a biopsy. I had a scope put down my throat to look for what may be causing it. I was out this time, but, this doctor's written report said he was unable to go far enough to take the 2nd biopsy he usually does because as I read in his report that he had seen revesselification and so he decided to withdraw from that area. I then read some info about the vessels and, as I am understanding it. Our bodies will create new blood supplies when needed by an area not getting the blood supply it should. When I eat, it begins. I never know what to eat, it seems as if it doesn't matter. I get so bloated it hurts terribly. I feel like something inside is growing so large it may burst. It sounds crazy but, it feels as if I can actually feel it getting larger and larger. Anyone see the movie ALIEN? :eek:
That is how I feel. There is always awful pain in that area and, I have tried everything I can think of. The doctors are not giving me any answers and most of them just say it wasn't caused by the fall.........coincidental? I don't believe that. What would you do? I have had only one diagnosis Splenic flexure syndrome. Than was by the ER dr who did an x-ray. He said they don't know what causes it. That is when I saw the large ball of gas on the x-ray. The thing is though, it doesn't cause the other problems I am having. The bladder not feeling full, and the BM's being "stonelike
The following have been ruled out
and many other things they have looked for. more and more.. I wonder why they won't believe it was caused by that horrible fall. Don't you agree that I may have enternal injuries. That is what I think but, what needs to happen for me to feel better. I don't have mach time left anyway, so, I would sure like to just be a little more comfortable for the life I have left.
..PLEASE anyone PLEASE I am losing it here! I really do think this is killing me at times, yet, once I do get totally cleansed, I feel so wonderful. I am not exagerating this either....when I get so very huge with this and I do get cleansed....I lose up to 10 pounds in a day.
Oh I hope there is someone out there with an answer for me.
warm regards,

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  • Some of your problem almost sounds like a problem with the nervous system. If you had nerve damage, maybe from swelling, jarring, or trauma from a bad fall, depending on where the damage was it could cause the inability to sense when your bladder was full. There are also certain nerves that affect the motility and peristalsis of your intestines. In that case, the food that you eat (when you are able to eat) wouldn't be able to move through your GI system. There are probably many other causes for your symptoms, but in my opinion, they sound like they are related to your fall. It is possible that you could have damaged any number of things. However, there is a lot that cannot be seen on x-rays, MRI's, CT scans (e.g. gastroparesis, etc.). I don't know what to tell you, but if your symptoms are as bad as you say they are something needs to be done. It also sounds like they need to look into the revascularization they saw in your endoscopy, because this is usually not normal, and can be cause by many things from irritation to cancer (I am NOT saying that you have cancer, because your symptoms do not point to this, but I am merely giving you an example of the diversity of causes for this). I would make sure my doctors know the severity of the situation so that they might try to push dates and get things done in a timely manner.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 27, 2007
    • 08:28 PM
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  • THank you for your messg.I do have at least three rare illnesses all of which could be suspect as the cause of this. Chiari 1SyringomyeliaEmpty Sella Syndrome After I posted here, I have decided that I must somehow, makw my GP take this more serious. I don't have a neurologist locally because ther is simply not one who know enough about any of the three illnesses.After much thought recently and getting the denial out of my system:I think I may be progressing again with the Syhringomyelia. This could cause paralyisis of the muscles.I still can't say that is what has happened but, at least, I've settled down enough to realize I am going to need to contact My Neuro-surgeon, even though he has moved hundreds of miles from me, I still continue to be under his care for 7 more years as a post-op patient. Again, thank you>
    Gypsee6 4 Replies
    • January 28, 2007
    • 05:47 AM
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  • Hi,I know exactly how you feel. I have been in the hospital several times with this. My bowels have not worked on thier on in over a year. I have to use a bag of warm water and castile soap every other day. I have Muscular Distrophy. The kind I have deals with the nerves. My bladder does not work right either. I know the pain you go through not being able to go. For a normal person Miralax powder works. It is worth a try. You can also just try some real warm water,that cleans you out real good. I hope this helped.
    amy hoskins 17 Replies
    • January 28, 2007
    • 08:54 PM
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  • Amy, thank you for the effort and time it took to post to me. I know when we are feeling bad, justsomething that easy for most can become a trial for ill ones.I want to hear everyones ideas. I have just been in a terrible mess with my health for over the last 10 years and, th emost helpful info I have gotten had been from people online.Once again...thank you soooo muchGyps:)
    Gypsee6 4 Replies
    • January 29, 2007
    • 05:08 AM
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  • Hello, I'm not even sure if your reading the entries anymore but if you are, ther is hope! I have the same bowel problem which is related to a car accident I was in 11/06. I haven't had a bowel movement since January. It is related to the nerves in your back. You need an MRI of your lower back. Then run to a nuerosurgeon or ortho surgeon. I had the back surgery in 03 from a car accident where I lost bladder control, now I can't have a bowel movement and I have the same injury from 03. The nerves in the lover back that don't talk to the bowel is called "horsetail or cauda equida" THAT'S WHAT YOU NEED TO TELL THE NUERO OR ORTHO DOCTORS!!!!!GOOD LUCKJC
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  • Hello, I was wondering if you ever found anything out from the neurologist. I too suffer your symtoms. I have tried everything from prescriptions to over the counter and even herbs. I have to use suppositories to get my self to go. I read your article and it did not click until then that in around 2003 when my constipation started happening I got thrown off a four wheeler and landed on a rock on my back left side in a field. I wonder if I might have damaged something and did not know it. I never even thought about that I guess until I read yours I had forgot about it. I too need help. Please if you could let me know I would be thankfull I called my doctors office and tried to eplain that i seen on the internet that I might need to see a neurologist and I think the phone nurse about laughed at me. Thank you for your time.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • September 26, 2007
    • 02:02 PM
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