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hiatus hernia

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 30, 2009
  • 01:30 PM

Hi all, i am new to this site. My husband has had an endoscopy today which revealed a hiatus hernia and oesophgitis and grade 2a mutiple erosions. They have took biopsies which the results will be back in 2 weeks. He is 28 yrs of age 9 stone and has a reasonably good diet and does not smoke or drink much either. For the last 9 wks he has constantly been sick 4-5 times a day or maybe more. He has the symptoms of heartburn and bad stomach pains to. The sickness is my main worry as he keeps nothing down. The first 3 weeks he was on anti sickness tablets, antacids and antibiotics all came back up whole for the duration so the doctor took him of all medication till the endoscopy. The hospital say he will be put on ppi untill the biopsy results are back but i fear these will not work either. This is making him very unwell and unable to work, the children just want him to play but some days he just does not have the energy. I have had a look at other peoples symptoms but no one seems to mention being sick numerous times a day. He is on nutrient shakes which do not stay down and tries to eat little and often but also does not work. Could there be something more serious underlying this problem or can anyone help me? Does anyone have any ideas or the same symptoms as this causing me alot of concern?? Please if anyone can help, many thanks.

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  • You say he doesn't smoke or drink much. Even a little could be enough to affect his body. I would have him checked for a ulcer enlarged liver or enlarged spleen. Don't use Pepto-Bismol or Tylenol don't drink soda's or eat spicy food.The hernia could be causing some of his problem.If he can't even play with his kids take him to the hospital.Have him write all his symptoms down in what makes him feel better. Example Back hurts bad. But it's better if he leans over a recliner for a little while.What ever you do post back what test his had medicine in the out come results. His relief just might help someone else.I have a enlarged Liver and spleen and also a hernia.....
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  • hi thanks for your post. He has also had an ultrasound on his stomach now which he is awaiting the results, he has an app in 3wks with the specialist to discuss their finds. He still continues to be sick, everyday may i add and has been for over 3mths. He has never smoked and only ever drinks alcohol on rare occassions. He stays away from spicy foods, tea and chocolate, no difference. He has alot of stomach pain but heatburn has cleared up. Hes on the highest dose of ppi and anti sickness tablets but these still continue not to work. He keeps visiting the docs but they say he just has to wait to see the consultant so its a waiting game. When you say you have an enlarged liver and spleen how does this affect you? Any symptoms? And how was that found out? Is there anything that can be done for you? Its becoming very frustrating as hes not getting any better and we just have to keep waiting. Thanks.
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  • Hi! Go to my post in the (Liver conditions) (Title Enlarged Liver and Spleen) by me ithuts. It's like the third or fourth on the page read it. I had a ultra sound than a cat scan. I do have acid reflux problems. and will be going in again for the throat test, day hospital. My Spleen started with what is called flank pain on the right side it is pain around the ribs than it just swelled. I would put a picture up but it's hard for me too look at it . I'm 5:4 or 5:5 and weigh now between 200 too 210 I just gained four more pounds in a matter of day's in lost it in a matter of day's. It was 211 I almost died I've never been over 210. You as a woman know how we are about our weight. I now have major heart burn that rides my throat. And I live with pain in the left side that can get so bad you want to scream. I also have a umbilical Hernia. Since you are a woman if you ever had kids my hernia is like a baby moving in their umbilical cord tugging. I'll be going back to the doctor's in three weeks my doctor might operate on the hernia. And we will talk about other things wrong with me in test. I cannot get away with sitting as I call it on my fat **s. And I'm totally bored when I'm sick. I will keep you posted with my information. Get your husband a notebook in a pen tell him from the time he gets up and goes to bed and up again to put down whatever happens to him symptoms wise and what he was doing bending eating maybe after shaving if he does perfumes etc. Any twinges in where they are and what they feel like. The more information he or she has the better off your husband will be. Remember some things will mimic others. And the most important find a great doctor in don't mention websites. I have a great doctor that knows if I'm am sick I'm sick in not what some will call crazy. I hate needles as I had a lot from growing up with asthma. I ended up in the hospital from my asthma and finely fell asleep after two days I was so scared in nervous that I didn't even feel it when the lab person came in and took my blood. Keep me informed in I will you! Tell your husband I hope he feels better in if he gets mad let him his sick and give him hugs kisses and a massage. he may even benefit from a nice bubble bath
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