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Heartburn & Acid Reflux Remedy Report

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  • Posted By: sxsmith44
  • April 2, 2007
  • 00:13 AM

Has anyone tried Heartburn & Acid Reflux Remedy Report, sold on the web. Does it work? sxsmith44

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  • Hi there.By some weirdness of the universe I accidently stumbled onto an open copy of that acid reflux remedy report tonight.I can tell you exactly what it says :There are 3 lines at the top of the e-book that tell you what the 2 secret ingredients are..then there are 4 or more pages of letters that people wrote to him to give thier own opinions on what works,then about 5 pages or so of links to where you can BUY more stuff,such as potions and pills from him,and then a few pages of links to REAL specialists and hospitals such as the mayo clinic.Oh, and the last few pages are dedicated to telling you what acid reflux and several other stomach problems are.Save your money, use the money for gas so you can go to the doctor,or drive around town and ask other people what they do and use. Because that is all this man that wrote the article did.Then go back home and read on this site all about the various stomach problems..cause that's what he did....and then make a link to places like this one...and get people to pay you for it...lolThese are the 2 ingredients :liquid honey and apple cidar vinegar. use them alone or use them together. THAT'S it !!!!! That is what you pay $33.00 for!!!!!I have those same items in a natural home remedies book that my mom gave me last year!!He copied it out of a book and is now selling it for a fortune!! UGH!He also states that if that doesn't work then you should see a doctor !!!
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  • hmmm... yeah, i got this product awhile back and pretty much followed it step by step... it's much more than you're stating here - i'd recommend it to anyone... it's made a huge difference in the quality of my life - i'd talk about it more, but don't got the time, plus it's an entire system, not just one or two items.Kev
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  • Sorry but I agree with the first comment...I too bought this con mans book. Considering how much money you pay, the only real advice is apples, honet and cider vin. Its a rip off...there's plenty of free advice that will help anybody on the net. It also really winds me up that when I'm trying to get real advice this damned thing keeps popping up everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • According to doctor F. Batmanghelidj, who has written many groundbreaking books on water, heartburn is usually caused by insufficient water intake. Everyone should be drinking at least one 2-liter bottle of water a day. I also recommend adding some lemon to the water. Lemons are acidic by themselves, because of the citric acid, but their effect on body chemistry ph is very alkaline. Since they also contain significant amounts of important vitamins and minerals, taking lemon with water every day is a very good idea! A slightely alkaline PH is critical to good health and what I learned about it at http://offto.net/KeysToHealth/ really blew my mind!
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  • The general American diet is SUPER acidic, and for people like me, it's way to much. There is no secret cure. It just so happens that these are foods that are alkaline. So if you find yourself with these issues, test out different types of foods that work for your system and make a new diet plan. I also recomend eating organic, whole grains, brown rice, white fish, salmon and kombutcha. No greece, fried food, fast food, dairy, or anything else tastey that isn't good for you!
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    • August 10, 2009
    • 06:36 PM
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  • Yes, tried the apple cider vinegar treatment. It is supposed to "fool" the stomach into believing it has enough acid so it stops producing more. It worked a little for me but not totally. I still needed my Protonix. When I asked my gastro about it, he said not to do it or the lemon juice because some people's systems cannot handle it and it can irritate an already inflamed esophagus. I think for those who are lacking hydrochloric acid in their stomachs, it may work but I produce way too much. He said it was okay to drink a small amount of aloe vera juice though and it does help me, along with probiotics.
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    • November 1, 2009
    • 07:26 PM
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  • It is important as well to eat the same types of foods at the same time. The book of Tao and Eastern medicine addresses eating alike foods as to not confuse the stomach's ability to register what levels are needed to begin and process digestion. This is unfortunately, something very difficult to not only accomplish in our society, but most other eating habits and meals. Eat fruits, then grains, then dairies, and try not to eat separate foods together at a meal. This is my 'secret' so send me my $33.00! Thanks for giving the 411 on the 911.
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