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GERD or not?

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  • Posted By: Darryl7575
  • August 17, 2012
  • 04:02 PM

My issues have been happening for a very long time, so this is a long introduction to my question. I was diagnosed with reflux and a hiatal hernia back in 2006. I have always struggled with reflux. I have been on every RX there is I think and nothing really took the symptoms away 100%. I have modified my diet and continued to take medications, but nothing really ever seemed to do the trick.

My symptoms seem to be all over the place. I haven't thrown up in a few years. The last time I did, it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Just under my sternum area in the center, it felt as if my guts were being twisted. Because of this, I refuse to ever throw up again. I do get the same pain in the exact same place when I belch. Obviously not as bad and it ends immediately, but it is very much the same spot.

I have dealt with these issues for years and tolerated them okay, but around the first of the year, I began to have discomfort in my throat. Not unbearable, but uncomfortable. My primary care Dr gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way, but no help. I went to an ENT, who blamed reflux and told me to double my RX, but within a few weeks, I began to have chest pain and discomfort that lead me to the ER at 3 am one morning. They ran several heart tests on me and said my heart is fine and the reflux is to blame. They did a throat CT due to the fact that by this point, my throat discomfort is not much worse. The throat CT was fine along with blood work for thyroid. Again blamed reflux and did a upper scope. The Dr said that he could see the hiatal hernia and the it was not very large. He also said that there was a minor amount of irritation from acid, but not bad either. That was around May. Now here we ar months later. My throat pain is really bad and I have difficulty swallowing. My upper abdomen hurts every second of every day. Sometimes worse than others, but constantly hurts. Nothing seems to help this food doesn't seem to affect it, medication doesn't seem to help. I slept sitting up for more than a month, I mean nearly straight up and down. This didn't help. I changed my diet completely. Went on a very reflux friendly diet. Nothing.. I am miserable. I feel like I cannot breathe. My upper abdomen hurts pretty bad hen I breathe deep. Most of the time, I cannot complete a deep breath or yawn at all. My throat is killing me. The pain starts in my throat and goes all the way to my naval.

Does anyone have any advice at all? I recently went back to the GI doc who discovered my hiatal hernia years ago. He has ordered all the results from the hospital and is waiting to advise me. Surgery did come up, but with the hiatal hernia being small and only minor irritation, could reflux really be my problem?

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