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Friend's Digestive Issues

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 21, 2007
  • 03:50 AM

A good friend of mine is having some digestive problems. I have been trying to help her out in figuring out what it is.

Here are the symptoms:
Nausea and diarrhea, specifically at night
Crampy stomach pains

It happens all of the time. She was sick mid last week, thought she was better and could reintroduce food. Within 48 hours she had the same thing again. She has tried taking Lactaid before ingesting dairy, but it hasn't made a difference. It seems like there is no pattern to when it happens, but it makes her miserable. Its been happening more and more often. My original guess was IBS, but I dont know too much about this. How fast does the diarrhea come one with IBS? I was with her with eating dinner and within an hour-and-a-half after dinner she had been in the bathroom with diarrhea three times.

Please help her!

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  • If fasting makes her feel better temporarily, and the pain/symptoms return about 48 hours after eating again, I'd bet money on an IgG food allergy/intolerance. The major suspects would be wheat, soy, corn, and yes possibly milk (lactaid helps digest lactose, but some people have a problem with caesin, a milk protein). The time frame for a IgG food allergy is 1 hour to 48 hours after ingestion of the offending food. Sometimes its called a "delayed allergy" and the way it strikes in waves over several days makes it very hard to pin down and diagnose (compared to normal allergies that are instant reactions). Multiple bouts of diarrhea and varying levels of cramping type pain would occur during this time frame. The longer it goes on the worse the symptoms get, including: malnutrition, fatigue, and anxiety. If the patient continues to eat the offending food day in and day out, it may seem like there is no pattern whatsoever.
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  • That's possible. We're in college and live on campus. We only have a handful of food presented to us. The other thing I thought about was gallstones.
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  • I agree this may be food intolerance related, but with the nausea I would check out liver and gallbladder function. Has your friend been to a doctor and had any tests done? She should at least get to her primary care practitioner and see what they think. DOM
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  • My friend's father is a physician. She has never seen a doctor in her life, other than her father. Her father's opinion on the issue is that it is stress related and they aren't going to find anything with expensive testing. I recommended that she see a gastroenterologist.
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  • Sure, it may be worse with stress, but that is NOT the cause! She needs to visit the college clinic - her dad does not need to know. She should have a full stool test done to rule out candida, giarrdia, e coli, c difficile bacteria, and parasites. Make SURE they test for c difficile - this is a horrible bacterial infection that can cause colitis, and is directly caused by certain antibiotics. Lots of docs miss this. She should also have bloodwork done to rule out H. Pylori... Make sure she takes a PROBIOTIC to help build up her intestinal flora - this may help her symptoms. Fresh ginger is very good for digestion and helps vomiting. She should eat bland foods. But mostly I feel she needs to see a doctor who may be better able to determine the cause of her digestive problems. Best wishesDOM
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