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Doctors keep fobbing me off, please help! not sure where else to go!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 13, 2009
  • 00:28 AM

I have now seen 4 different doctors in my surgeory about my stomach. They have been somewhere between unhelpful to upsetting.

I have a bloated stomach. Its always bloated, first thing in the morning is worse but to be honest, it never actually goes down that much. Its tight rather then just pinchable and daily I get asked if I am expecting.

This is especially hurtful as I have a history of anorexia which although I gained my weight from 2 years ago now, its still in my mind that being so big I don't look normal (and infact looks so big I look 6 months gone(I asked the people asking me when I was due) it really hurts. I also didn't really mean to gain more weight, I added a little extra food (from protein as I had not been eating any previously and had just been living off fruit and vegetables) and suddenly, bam! I gain 2-3 stone over about 6 months! Scary. (I now don't allow myself to look at my weight but think its not rising at such a fast rate)

I have also got constant diareah (sorry, don't know how to spell that!) and also constant wind- really bad!

I excercise quite a bit to try to keep control of the weight, 10 plus hours a week every week at a high rate. One doctor said this was the reason for the gas and diareah- food not able to digest properly, I asked about the protuding stomach, she said it was just fat. Was too stunned and hurt to arge that it was so tight and protuding and not evenly displaced (it really does look like a baby) that I left it at that.

One doctor said it was IBS after sending me for a scan (this was 2 years ago now) the scan showed up nothing. The GP siad I should try pills for IBS. I did. They did nothing. Also, there is no pain which I would expect with IBS, just bloating and excess weight around my waist.

Another doctor said it was something "all women go through" and I was almost lead out of the room. I didn't get any sort of a diagnosis or advice to try.

Another doctor said to try Charcole pills or Deflatine which I did. To no effect. Still I look pregnant, still I have diareah, still I have exessive gas.

I eat very healthily: green veg, fresh fruit (aples, pears, melon) and protein from fish, quorn or chicken. I don't eat wheat or refined sugars or anything else (too afraid anything will make me gain weight) I do eat 2000 kcals a day. But I do excercise alot (1.5-2.5 hours a day or walk for 30 mins plus a day on 1 or 2 weekly rest days). I drink 2 plus liters of plain water a day. I cannot see what I am doing to deserve all this?

If anyone has any advice- please help!

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