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cant get a diagnosis,life or death

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 4, 2010
  • 05:39 AM

I'm writing because this is literally a matter of life and death.My name is Lindsay and I'm writing on behalf of my fiance Brian he is only 36 years old and is slowly dying right in front of me and all i can do is sit and watch,I have taken him to UCLA,Mountain View,Spring Valley and other hospitals I also have taken him to 4 different gastroenterologist and a internal medicine doc plus he has his reg doctors including his nephrologist,pain doctors,heart doctor they all cant figure out what is wrong with him.Now its coming down to the wire he cant get out of bead he throws up multiple times a day,10+ bowel movements a day,nose bleeds,he weighs only 95 lbs from 140 lbs,he has constant belly pain,distended abdomen,gas,gurgling stomach,pain in left side migraines,chest pain,diarrhea,bloody stools and vomit, and no one seems to be concerned they tell him just to take some Imodium and he will be fine!!This started about a year and half ago when he was having severe rectal bleeding and he could not even walk he has had 2 kidney transplants and suffers from severe migraines,and cardiomyopathy he also is waiting on a major heart surgery which he cant do because he is so sick with all the other things going on he has to wait.So i watch him lay in bed all day just getting worse and worse and no one will help us.he has had 7scopes,swallowed a camera 3 times,stayed in UCLA for a month and everything and every time his tests come back negative.I'm begging for your help of maybe you know someone who can help us this is a matter of life and death I cant live without him and we just found each other again and just trying to start our life together.His body is giving out on him he cant go on like this for much longer,Please help him I'm begging you please help us figure out whats wrong with him.He also needs to find a really good heart surgeon to his surgery.We live of of his disability and i care for him so i cant work.I pray everyday for help please help me help him.he is the love of my life and my soul mate i have no one but him we want to get married and we cant even do that he is so sick.Please help him

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  • I am so sorry to hear about this, and I feel terrible that you can't get a diagnosis. I came across this, and I have no idea what it could be, but I had some ideas. I know that sometimes gastoparesis and such can cause complete emptying of the stomach, and the nosebleeds could be because he is so thin and not getting his vitamins (usually vitamin K). Can he heat ANYTHING? have you tried getting him to eat lightly? (crackers, vanilla wafers) Have they looked at chrons disease? IBS? The only thing I can suggest doing is going on webmd and searching stomach pain, then looking at all the causes of "stomach pain." Once you research all of the causes, maybe something will look similar to what he has. THen you can bring it up to a doctor. (This type of searching can be done with any symptom)Good luck, I am so sorry I couldn't be of better help. I went through a similar problem (way less severe) that was never diagnosed but is better now, and I just hope that he will be okay. Please, let me know if everything ends up okay.
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  • I looked up bloody stool as a symptom on webmd once (for myself) There were so many conditions1. Acorn poisoning2. Anal fissure3. Azithromycin -- Teratogenic Agent4. Balantidiasis5. Baneberry poisoning6. Biaxin -- Teratogenic Agent7. Black locust poisoning8. Breynia officinalis poisoning9. Bushmaster poisoning10. Buttercup poisoning11. Campylobacter food poisoning12. Campylobacter jejuni13. Campylobacter jejuni infection14. Celiac Disease15. Chemical poisoning -- Clinitest tablet16. Chemical poisoning -- Hair Bleach17. Chemical poisoning -- Hair Dye18. China Tree poisoning19. Chlortetracycline -- Teratogenic Agent20. Christmas Rose poisoning21. Clarithromycin -- Teratogenic Agent22. Colibacillosis23. Colorectal cancer24. Crohn's disease25. Cytomegalovirus26. D-plus hemolytic uremic syndrome (D+HUS)27. Diarrheagenic Escherichia coli28. Diverticular Disease29. Doxycycline -- Teratogenic Agent30. E-coli food poisoning31. Ebola32. Entamoeba histolytica33. Enteropathogenic E. Coli infection34. Erythromycin -- Teratogenic Agent35. Escherichia coli O157:H736. Gardner syndrome37. Gastroenteritis38. Gastrointestinal mucormycosis39. Gastrointestinal zygomycosis40. Glory lily poisoning41. Helminthiasis42. Hemorrhagic shock and encephalopathy syndrome43. Jessamine poisoning44. Klaricid -- Teratogenic Agent45. Lenten rose poisoning46. Marsh marigold poisoning47. Methacycline -- Teratogenic Agent48. Non-diarrheal (D-) HUS syndrome49. Oak poisoning50. Oleander poisoning51. Pancolitis52. Plant poisoning -- Anthraquinone53. Plant poisoning -- Tannin54. Plant poisoning -- Tetranortriterpene55. Privet poisoning56. Proctitis57. Pseudomembranous Colitis58. Rectal bleeding59. Rhodococcus equi60. Salmonella food poisoning61. Shigellosis62. Toxic mushrooms -- Gastrointestinal irritant63. Ulcerative colitis64. Vibrio65. Vibrio mimicus food poisoning66. Vibrio vulnificus infection67. Viral digestive infections68. Wheat intolerance69. Whipworm70. Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome71. Worm conditions72. Yersiniosis. They also have a symptom checker, where you can check multiple symptoms. Sorry for all of the conditions, I just came across this and feel so bad.
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  • so sorry for all the responses.because of the kidney transplants and such, have the doctors looked at an autoimmune response that your fiance could be having?autoimmune responses to certain things can make every lining in the body go crazy.good luck, sorry for all of the posts - i just came across this and had to say something.
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