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Been diagnosed with a returning cancer and since been dealing with severe digestive issues.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 28, 2014
  • 05:12 AM

I am a 25 year old female. In 2011 I was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma. I had surgery where the doctors removed over 50% of my liver, removed gallbladder, bile duct and replaced it with another, and some lymph nodes. After chemo I was cancer free but ever since surgery have had some digestive issues which I never had prior. Before the whole cancer thing I never had any serious health issues and barely had to visit a doctor. Well last year sometime in December 2013 I started experiencing some pains in my back and side. I thought it was maybe due to alcohol because around that time I've been going out with my friends, and lots of birthdays, plus holidays. I stopped consuming alcohol. The pain seemed to subside but after about two weeks or so came back even worse. I could not sleep/lay on my back or side, felt like someone was stabbing me. After suffering I went to my doctor where she got me to do a cat scan and pet scan as well as a blood test. Blood test seemed normal, except my red blood cell count was kind of low. The pet scan showed a growth under the liver by the staples and encasing my renal artery. The news was devastating but I was ready for battle but I refused chemo and radiation. Decided to go with alternative route. I am glad I did because since, the pain almost completely has gone away. I can finally sleep but now I am battling with digestion problems. I have changed my diet almost completely. I don't eat meat, eggs, dairy, gluten, bread ( unless yeast free or gluten free), no sugar ( unless a small dose of stevia or honey), limited salt intake, increased intake of many different vegetables, fruits, nuts, juicing, turmeric, increased water intake, fiber, flax oil, coconut oil, some supplements such as IP6, Fucoidan, vitamin b12, vitamin d, milk thistle, herbal teas. I know something helped me with the pain so I will continue but I can not tell what is wrong with my stomach. Before I could help my bloat but now it is there through out the whole day. I can just drink water and it will get the same way. I feel like I am carrying a huge rock in there or yet a baby ( trust me I am not pregnant). Sometimes after drinking a bit of water or juice, I have some stomach cramping. I usually have bowel movements daily. Some days I can have up to 4 bowel movements and sometimes just one and the stools are always different. I have hard stools and then all of a sudden soft with something that looks like mucus. One thing is I don't move around too much and when I do it is super uncomfortable. I have tried a colon cleanse supplement which has not worked, I tried smooth move tea which did seem to have a laxative effect and I will keep on drinking it. Even after I have a good bowel movement I still do not feel any relief. I did an enema and it did help the first day but I went to bed with pretty bad cramps and after for a couple of days was constipated. When I tell my doctors what could be the cause of the stomach bloat, they just keep telling me it's normal. I never want to go back to the doctor to ask anything because it seems like they don't know anything these days except how to prescribe drugs and surgery. Any input or suggestions will be very welcoming because the pain has gone away and that is a major thing for me but now if I can only figure out the stomach thing. Thank you for anything!!

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