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Another GERD/ Gallbladder problem

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 10, 2007
  • 11:13 PM

So here's my story. I'm female, 24 years old, currently 106 pounds, and 5'4".
For as long as I can remember I had a sensitive stomach. I wouldn't have serious issues, just frequent pain or nasea. About a year and a half ago I started suffering from constipation. I honestly didn't realize that I had a problem until one day as my husband says to me, 'Oh yeah, we had corn last night,' I began wondering how long it had been since my last bowel movement. I even said to him about a year ago, "I should think about seeing a doctor, because my system just isn't right..."
Well six months ago my body had enough and made it clear that I needed to go see a doctor. Suddenly one day I started vometing, and I kept vometing every day, sometimes 12 times a day, for two weeks before I finally went to the doctor. I waited that long because there was a stomach bug going around and without health insurance I wanted to make sure that that wasn't it. Sure enough the first thing my doctor said to me was, "It's probably just a stomach bug." I didn't think so, but I'm not a doctor. So I fasted for one day and then went on a 'BRAT' diet for a few more days before going back to see him. I was vometing less, but I was also eating a lot less. My doctor says, "Well you look better, and vometing a couple times a day isn't so bad." That should have been a sign to go see a new doctor, but I didn't. Instead I waited a month and when I was still vometing every day I went to see him again. By this time the pain in my left side towards the bottom of my ribs which I had experienced off and on this entire time was also getting worse. Seeing as the pain was on the left and not the right he ruled out my appendix. He also stated that I was 'too young' to be having gallbladder problems. So he did some blood work and when that came back fine I had to do a cat scan. Well when the results came back they said that my pancreas looked enlarged, so I did another cat scan, this one focased in on the pancreas. The second cat scan showed that my pancreas looked fine. (Let me tell you, that $6,000 was not well spent.) So now my doctor decided that 'scratching his head' (His words, not mine) was not going to solve anything and so he referred me to another doctor, this one a surgean.
This new doctor takes one look at my paper work and says, "It's probably your gallbladder." I don't need to remind you what my first doctor said about my gallbladder... Just to be sure all the bases were covered I did an ultrasound, a test of the functionality of my gallbladder, and an upper gastric scan. (Forgive me, I don't remember the exact names of these tests...) So my doctor calls me and says that my gallbladder isn't emptying properly although I have no gallstones. So one week later, and three months after this all started, I have my gallbladder removed. Now everyone told me that I would be good to go after a day or so, and I have to tell you, that in my case this just was not so. Thankfully I took a week off from work because it took that long just to be able to move around at all. And vomiting the day after gallbladder surgury is not pleasant!
And there's my problem. After surgury I was still vometing, not as much as I had been, but I shouldn't have been vometing at all. So I went back to my doctor who flips through my paper work again and he informs me that apparently I also have a reflux problem, something that they found the same day as when they found the problem with my gallbladder. So currently I am on a very strict diet and I also take nexium everyday. Sometimes I'll go as long as two weeks without getting sick. Unfortunately as time goes on, foods that I could eat right after the surgery (e.g. yogurt) are now starting to come back up.
I also found that GERD can cause the gallbladder not to work properly and I'm wondering if I really needed the surgury at all? Maybe drastically changing my diet and staying on nexium would have been enough? I'm also wondering if these symptoms are going to continue for the rest of my life or if they'll get better with time? My other problem is that being on such a strict diet, and I waitress for a living, I'm losing weight at a fairly steady rate. I was 128 before I got sick, and 116 at the time of the surgury. In the last month alone I went from 111 to 106. I've started making shakes and smoothies to bring with me to work and my boss, who has been very understanding through all of this (especally as I was running into the bathroom every hour or so to get sick), insists that I can stop and eat whenever I need to, but I can only eat so much before I feel sick just from being full. Is there any hope?



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