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Acute nausea and vomiting

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  • Posted By: taynumber1
  • March 12, 2007
  • 05:30 AM

My 7 year old gets sick pretty often. He first complains about nausea and then he always vomits. For no reason I can conclude. It can't be a virus. He gets sick too often. In the past two weeks, he's been sick 5 times. It happens anytime of the day. He throws up 1-2 times and then he is fine. In fact, after an episode, he will go to eating and drinking with mild discomfort and be fine like a snap of the finger.
I am baffled because there will be times he doesn't get sick for a month. Then there will be times, like now, he will be sick a lot. They previously took his tonsils and adnoids out. We thought this would help. But it didn't. I do notice one thing sometimes (not always). He has a cold or is congested. When he has a cold, he is very sick sometimes and vomits 7-10 times for 1-2 days. Does anyone have any similar stories? I would appreciate your help. Thanks.

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  • What foods does he usually eat? It may be helpful to keep a food diary of EVERYTHING he eats for several weeks. Mark down when he has the vomiting and see if you can find a pattern of a possible food intolerance. It is often hard to pinpoint food related problems, and a diary really helps clarify this.Ginger tea is very helpful for nausea and vomiting. But there is something deeper causing this problem. Has he been tested for parasites, giarrdia, and other pathogens? Does he have loose stools or constipation problems? Does he get a fever with the nausea/vomiting? Has he been to a doctor for tests? Best wishesDOM
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  • My son used to be the same way, then we found out that when he had a cold or was congested and started throwing up it was from all the phelm that he was swallowing and it would keep his stomach upset. So we had to put him on allergy medicine, then all was better. Something else to consider is his blood sugars because when your blood sugars get elevated you will become nausea and vomit and most times after vomiting you will feel better and if the pancreas gets irratated you will get real sick then feel better for a little while then repeat the whole ordeal and the only way to get the pancreas to calm down is to starve it for a few days, unsweet liquid diet-small amounts. Good luck and hope he feels better soon.
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