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6 to 7 day stomach flu turn n2 hydrochloric /ibs n acid reflex symptoms

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  • Posted By: darknoon
  • February 4, 2012
  • 01:56 PM

back in september i develop a stomach flu that lasted 6 to 7 days tha cause of could be a number of things . that whole day n the moring of that day i woke up late rushing 4 work i brush my teeth wit a cup of spoil water that had bacteria in it (i wasnt thinkin ).plus i work wit children on a school bus and one of the new kids i dont know to well at the time had poop on himself n it came out of his pants on the seats . and i had a pizza from lil caesars pepperoni maybe it could of been food poisoning i gave someone some of my pizza and they wasnt sick at all.IDK whats wrong with me . by night time i notice a had a urge to go to the bathroom diarrhea ....i take a pills to **** my stomach down . thinking i would be better the next day i wasn"t i did"t eat by day 3 n 4 my stomach was makin these this roarin sound noises . i couldnt keep anything in me wen the pill wears off still went to work never really ate anything for 6 days ....the stomach flu i had finally left my system i ate some food i seem cool but still wanting to go to the clinic to explain what happen to me the nurse just a i a bad stomach virus u will be ok (WHY did i listen to her ...) ili after my stomach flu i"m eatin bland food so i can get boday used to eating again i notice my stools was mushy n loose somestimes they had urges but the urges stop after like a week by october hits i got some chinese food wit pork fried rice hours later i notice these wiggles n crazy stomach noises i'm thinkin food poisoning again ??? ... in out of no where i get diarrhea again i got scared and didn't eat again 4 like 5 days now i'am hittin november wit no problems iam at work and out of where i get this crazy urge to used the bathroom somewhat diarrhea and few after that i started to notice sum noise stomach left side bloating , gurgle etc and wouldn't stop for a whiile . b4 thankgiving i bought some pizza i had mushroom .my brother had had pork in his pizza my stomach started actin up makin them wiggles . so now i find out it was tha pork and notice tha samething wit beef to i think .so after thankingiving i went to go see the doctors office after i explain my case to the doctor nurse after that their main doctor came n talk to me n said that it was nothing major n give me a prescription 4 bentyl (ibs )pill that made me feel the side effect ..withdraw,foggy brain,confusion,evil, diarrhea 30 mins after eatin etc ..i went to the ER in december i told my case i thought it was a parasite giardia or the water i drunk did something to me . they gave me a stool test all negative of salmonella , shigella or campolbacter n giardia n crypto ...( i wonder of tha bentyl pills could effcet this test) i stop taking the bentyl pills i try a lemon cleanse/sea slalt cleanse i didnt eat for like five days nothing is nothing is workin by the end of december i notice a buring on the left side and center of my wit bloatin wit gurglin wen i ate my stomach was fine but later i get this bloatin noise n burnin and i have a lil back pain i'm thinkin ulcer or gastritis ( without h pyorl )..i deal llittle / acute inflammatory stools or maybe iam mixin it up wit smelly stools ,mood swings, light headedness , weight loss,belchin,very lil acid reflex or maybe its ingestion ,poor appetite , i feel miserable n recently i these crazy bowel movements like 3 in one day in the day was is not even over yet ... i'm hearing these doctors say ibs wen these problems never started wit me until i took that spoil water or that boy poopin on the bus or tha pizza i ate food poisoning .. i wasn't stress until these Bull sh%t started .... i'm now on a probiotic its doing some good i'm thinking about the mutualherbal tea n i was on tha mastic gum 4 a few days 2 stop my burning n my stomach i have no insurance i dont no wat to do anymore can someone throw sum light wit sum pointers . P.S i was perfectly fine until the day of the spoil water in boy poopin on tha bus it feel like i'm diein

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  • I am on the tail end (hopefully) of an episode of the "stomach bug" myself. Mine started about four days ago, which is longer than the average from what I understand, which is generally one to three days. I have what I think is a mild to moderate case. The initial symptom of like puking only happened once which was significant. The rest of the time has been spent like with weakness, a small headache, muscle or joint aching, and a small fever (39.5C) with chills. The stomach cramping was like relentless and very painful. Then as that is still continuing now, it is less intense. The only real remaining symptom I am experiencing now is this like "eternal" diarrhoea that never seems to want to quit! (I am like "married" to my toilet!) I am still quite tired, as my visits to the loo are like 24 hour, not 9 to 5! I have gotten to the point of now eating some soft foods, like mainly bananas, an apple or two, fruit juices, and some cinnamon toast. I enjoy good yoghurt, and have some pineapple flavoured one as well. I only hope that by tomorrow, I can finally be free from the grips of what I think is Norosan (ノロさん) Mr. Noro. (Hence norovirus). You seem to have this like for a long time. I do hope you feel better. Better get check out by your physician, as this may be too long for a viral infection. Antibiotics only do not work on viruses. :rolleyes:
    Hoshinoko 1 Replies
    • February 27, 2012
    • 00:33 AM
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  • i think its small bacteria overth growth or parasite or h pylori ... i think its sibo doctor gave me flagyl/metronidzole ciprofloxacin for 10 days ... i'm herein side effects r krazi not ready 2 take them yet until i get my info on them .. n i wonder how long can parasites stay in you
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