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Symptoms are driving me insane, I need some help please

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  • Posted By: TigerPaw2011
  • April 8, 2011
  • 10:20 PM

In February I went to a practice nurse because I had been experiencing symptoms of diabetes. She did a finger ****k test there and then, which came back at around 4 if I remember rightly. It was obviously non-fasting.

A couple of weeks after I went for blood tests, which again were non-fasting. They came back clear. I got myself a self-testing meter though and checked an hour after Lucozade, and it read 14.9. I showed this to the doctor, and he basically told me it was completeley normal for it to be that high. I don't feel normal though that's the problem.

-I get dizzy and shaky after drinks like Lucozade, as well as tired (I don't even have an energy rush beforehand, so it isn't like it's me "crashing")
-When I don't drink or eat anything sugary for about 3 hours I get moody
-I get thirst which won't go away. I just drank two glasses of water and I'm still thirsty
-My periods are all over the place. not sure if it's related but still.
-My weight is dropping. I was 7 stone (I'm naturally slim) but over the past few months I've dropped to 6 stone.
-I can't sleep. If I do sleep I wake up after a few hours
-Then there is the urination and everything else which are the symptoms of diabetes.

It's drivign me mad. I'm wondering if I am really thinking too much of everything or if there is something going on.

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  • The periods all over the place if you are having long cycles or missing periods at times it may indicate polycystic ovulation syndrome (PCOS). So its a good idea to see a gyno over that who will arrange ultrasound etc. (It isnt an issue Ive found doctors good at dealing with so do try to see a specialist) Those with PCOS up to 95% by the time they are 40, have issues with blood sugar eg diabetes or insulin problems (insulin resistance/hyperinsulinemia) and incidents of low blood sugar may happen with that. Insulin resistance is a prediabetic state.
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  • Im going to have a birthday party. I have the Diabetes 1 type. I need some easy and diabetes friendly recipes to please myself and guests.
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  • I had visitors over the other night and they really loved the chicken Kababs I made, we had them hot but they'd probably still be very nice cold. I alternated chicken with small pieces of onion and capsicum onto sticks (I cut the sticks into three making them more party size). I had sprinked the chicken with salt and chinese five spice (you could leave out the chinese five spice thou if you didnt have it). I made a sweet and sour sauce to go with them which I put some in a small jug and drizzled some over the kababs in the bowl.. (I once brought online sweet and sour sauce which was meant to be suitable for diabetes but it was still actually quite high in carbs thou was for diabetes with no sugar, so I make my own now which is lower). Sauce recipe I use for sweet and sour sauce 8 tbsp rice vinegar 4 tbsp of Xylitol (A sugar substitute which is natural but tastes like sugar. Artifical sweeters can wreck taste of things etc)2 tsp light soy sauce (i just used ordinary soy sauce)6 tbsp ketchup (do watch the carbs in the ketchup but all the other ingredients are fine). Heat the vinegar in a pan and add the other sauce ingrediants. Stir to dissolve sugar, then its ready. This sauce is quite strong in taste so you dont need a lot on the food but its so nice you'll be tempted to put more on. (I made half amount of that sauce and it was enough to do 6-8 kababs........... Non sugar jellies in small cups are good too. I did a two tiered one the other night and added a couple of sweet chopped strawberries into each jelly cup once I'd made it before it set properly.
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