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POSSIBLE MISDIAGNOSIS ALERT! Please help if you have Type 2 Diabetes.

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  • Posted By: CanadianCHick
  • September 13, 2009
  • 01:45 AM

Hello. :o
My husband has Type 2 Diabetes but his sugar is normal. He has also been diagnosed with Osteoporosis at age 46. I am hoping someone with a similar story could provide insight as no one in the medical community has been able to help thus far,


On July 8, 2008 David had an unexplained, undiagnosed seizure in a Gas Station where he split his head open and suffered a mild concussion. He regained full consciousness almost immediately. He was fine. His triglycerides were apparently off the charts, so bad that one of the physicians said he was in cue for Pancreatitis. The day before he had been unusually and extremely fatigued.
While in at the hospital, David saw a Neurologist who without so much as 5 minutes of talking to him, wrote his diagnosis. (Which turned out to be “Alcohol Withdrawal.”) We have yet to understand why he chose that particular diagnosis as David wasn’t trying to stop his drinking. And David is by no means an alcoholic. As his wife, I will agree that he is a regular drinker. He by no means has a problem and in fact drinks less than most people.
After this diagnosis, his driver’s license was suspended. David underwent a serious of tests from an independent neurologist that cleared him of any neurological disorders including alcohol withdrawal.
Now one may ask, how does this involve Diabetes. Well on June 24th of this year, just shy of 1 year to the date, David experienced a “Diabetic Shock” as he was sleeping. He was flipping around like a fish out of water. However, he was conscious and it was not a seizure. He awoke in a pain that could not be described in words. He could not lift himself, or stand-up. Soon after 911 was called. His heart rate was above 200. In other words, heart failure was imminent unless he received urgent care. He was hoisted down the stairs on a metal table as he was unable to stand-up. He had trouble breathing and tachycardia.
At the hospital, the doctors ran routine tests, and could first and foremost not get his rate heart down. The second alarm was his blood sugar which was 23. The third concern was his pain. It almost appeared as if his back was broken. As the medical staff scurried around brainless and puzzled, David lay in agony. After 8 hours of extreme tachycardia-state, a serious of anti-coagulants and calcium channel blockers finally worked. The pain was still not addressed but morphine was helping ease the pain.
After 4 days in the hospital, and a battery of tests David was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Now to me this seems like the mother of all new Diabetes cases. David’s sugars were fine 3 months earlier. How could diabetes just progress to such a catastrophic level in 3 months without any dietary change? David is also the opposite of a hypochondriac. He even refuses to take Advil. So the acceptance of Type 2 Diabetes was a big one.
Now here is where the story becomes very unusual. David’s sugars with the help of insulin have been perfectly steady, with the inclusions of occasional delinquencies (i.e. chocolate cake or forgetting Insulin). The Endocrinologist even thinks he makes up his readings and doesn’t believe he still have the same diet as before. (Does this seem like Diabetes to you?)
David’s back pain was never resolved. A bone density scan revealed he had 2 compression fractures in his spine (which most likely occurred the night of the Diabetic Shock.) Now comes the punch line of the story! David was told accidently by his MD’s receptionist that he has OSTEOPOROSIS. Well that was about all David could handle. Diabetes with controlled sugar, and osteoporosis? What is next? LIFE CANCER? :(

If you have experienced a similar outrageous story or could offer advice, please email me at maya_w@rogers.com

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