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Hypoglycemia problems-help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 13, 2007
  • 03:22 PM

Hi please can anyone help. I keep having hypoglycemic attacks amongst other symptoms (cant gain weight dangerously low BMI, anxious, cold, hair has gone thin and comes out in handfulls, weaker, lack energy, dizzyness..etc). I have been to the doctors blood tests (thyroid, full blood count, U+E's, cortisol single test-very anxious when had the test i've heard that can have an effect on result, and fasting blood glucose) all came back that they were all in the normal range. However with the fasting blood glucose test I tested it an hour before the blood was taken it was 1.2mmol yet the result came back ok!! What I cant figure out is this:
- I have been checking my blood glucose levels throughout the day regularly. It initially appeared that my blood sugars were dropping into the 2's aprox 2-4 hours after food. And it was said that I may have reactive hypoglycemia. However more recently it appears that my sugars also drop after not eating for a while such as in the morning and also after exercise.(it goes mainly in the 2'smmol and 1'smmol which i've hear is dangerous) Why and What do you think it could be? Is this normal?

-Another point i want to make is that recently when I go hypo I dont always notice it. e.g the other day i tested it on the offchance, it was 1.4mmol and i felt fine just abit tired. Yet the other day I tested it and I felt dreadful, shakey, nauseaus, weak, dizzy and it was fine at 4.2mmol. Why is this? Is this normal?

Also the range for blood sugar levels is between 4-7 isnt it. Well from testing it never really goes beyond the high 4'smmol and ive never seen it go into the 5 or 6'smmol at any point. Its as though my range is set lower than normal.
Please reply I am despirate for answers! Thanks.

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4 Replies:

  • i dont know whats going on with you. I have the same exact problem and the doctors tell me that i'm ok. Do you think you have type 1 or 2 diabetes? I think those are signs of type 1 diabetes. (thats just my opinion).
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  • Dou have any family members that have or have had diabetes? (This doenst really matter,but if someone from your family has diabetes,u have a bigger chance of getting it.)I have a friend who has type 1 diabetes and none of his family members had it. When was the last type you went to the doctor and told them about it? If it was a long time ago you should go for another check up. Since i have the same problem as you, i go and check with the doctor a couple of times.If your symtoms get worse you should go and check frequently. Here are some symptoms of type 1 diabetes.(these may occur suddenly): Extreme thirst Frequent urination Sudden vision changes Sugar in urine Fruity, sweet, or wine-like odor on breath Increased appetite Sudden weight loss Drowsiness, lethargy Heavy, labored breathing Stupor, unconsciousness Sorry i couldnt get you any symptoms of type 2 diabetes, but i'm sure you can look them up. Did you find my info helpful? Hopufully you did. And dont forget that type 1 can easily be mistaken for more common illnesses, such as the flu. By the way i'm the kid that gave you some info in the last thread.
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  • Hi thanks for your reply. My gradndad on my dad's side of the family had diabetes but no one else at all. However I thought that if you were suffering from hypoglycemic attacks such as i am, then you can rule out diabetes as abnormally high sugar levels are the key sign, or can hypoglycemic attacks equally indicate diabetes? Also i thought that you can only get type 1 diabetes when your young, I'm just 20, also with type 2 diabetes i thought that it is most common in middle aged people or are of a larger build, I'm neither of these, do you think that diabetes could still be an issue with me? Thanks for your advice it has been helpful.
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  • Hello its that annoying kid again. You know what i dont really know if diabetes is still a problem in your case, (you should go and check with your doctor) but in my case it is. I have a 95% chance of being diabetic (type 1) so im gonna go to the doctor in a couple of weeks and finally i will be given the info i need (whether i have diabetes or not). Im 13 yrs old, im a boy, and underweight, so i might be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Also, i've read that young people arent the only ones that get type 1 diabetes. I read that people up to 30 yr olds can get type 1 diabetes. So not only are the young people who can get type 1 diabetes, but also adults. Its just more common in teens (young people). Are your problems still the same?, have they gotten worst?, have you gone to the doctor?. Have the doctors said that you are in the risk of having diabetes?(Type1 or 2?)Please write back as soon as possible. Thanks
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