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what's normal???

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 8, 2006
  • 11:16 PM

I am writing out of concern for my boyfriend. He's been a cigarette smoker for 15 years or so, about 3/4 a pack a day for several years now (just turned 30). Both of us got a nasty cold a couple weeks ago, and I'm mostly better except for a dry cough, but for him the cough/phlegm hasn't improved. Not that he wasn't phlegmy or coughing a lot before, so it's hard to say.

He coughed up a tiny bit of blood this morning, no taste or smell of blood though so I'm guessing it was from the lungs and not the stomach or nose? He's also had an odd pain, off and on, for about a week on the right side of his chest. No health insurance, so just trying to get an idea of whether this is serious or to be expected in recovering from a cold as a smoker.

He's awfully young to have lung cancer or emphysema, even for a smoker but.......????????

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  • Get to the emergency room.Immediately.Not a AM-PM clinic, the ER. Coughing up blood is a very dangerous, and common sign of pnuemonia and/or pleurisy.This is something that CANNOT be waited on.http://hcd2.bupa.co.uk/fact_sheets/html/Pneumonia.html http://www.emedicinehealth.com/pleurisy/page4_em.htm I know you don't have insurance, but trust me, they CANNOT refuse treatment, nor can they reposess ANYTHING you own. My father had a HUGE heart surgery a few years ago w/o insurance, and still hasn't been able to pay it off completely.Yeah, his credit is crap, but he's alive and (for the most part) well. Please, get an x-ray, ASAP.Remember, most, if not all ERs will work out a payment plan. Please, go get treatment for your boyfriend.And for God's sake, get him to quit smoking.Even if that's not the cause, it's making it 100000000 times worse.Sheena P.S. Yuo can get lung cancer at any age, even if you haven't been smoking (that just makes the risk a BUNCH higher).I'm a senior in HS, and a girl in my english class has stage 3.
    ShawneeGirl 37 Replies
    • December 15, 2006
    • 03:28 AM
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  • Has he ever read the warning on the package? They cause cancer and can kill. He needs medical intervention.
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