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swelling in lower left side of abdomen

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  • Posted By: VIZUALBYTE
  • September 10, 2007
  • 08:23 PM

I am a pretty healthy 33 yr old male. I just started noticing since last night that my lower left side of my abdomen (love handle area) has started to swell up a bit. i can grab a full handful of skin on my left side where it is only a pinch of skin on the right side. I am not sure what caused this. I do know that I ate and drank alcohol more than i usually do due to friends visiting from out of town.

I am trying to find out if this is a common problem for many or a precursor to something serious... Thanks in advance


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  • You may want to be evaluated for ascities (fluid in the abdomen). Liver failure can also present this way ( swelling in the abdomen area)I think an ultrasound would be a reasonable test to evaluate this possibility.Good luck!
    pink_tiger 3 Replies
    • November 25, 2007
    • 08:31 PM
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  • I too had a little too much food and alcohol and I never drink a couple of days ago and i have swelling exactly where you said did you follow up with a dr. was it serious I have had the swelling 2 days I am overweight and 35
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  • That would be your spleen area. Have the doctor check that!! Your liver is a little lower than you breasts. Google images for Enlarged liver than Enlarged spleen look for the picture that shows them in body form. In you will see that's where you have a spleen and liver mixed up. Have a checkup for a hernia. Find a doctor who will listen to you and sit down in write all your symptoms down no mater how stupid they sound it might just save your life.My spleen and liver are enlarged in I also have a hernia. I do not drink.
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  • did u find out anything about what was wrong with u ??????after 2 weeks of working out eating healthy standing long hours ( i was leaning to 1 side at the time ive noticed ) protien shakes around 1200 cals a day or more.... also 4 Ls of water a day ( exercises include 6 min abs bike riding dumbbells sqauts and palaetes ) also abdominal massages to try loosen up the abdominal fat ( i am skinny ) i noticed the left side poking out alot more then the right side next to the belly button... i thought :o ab!!??? then i realised no swelling... with a dul pain that radiates sometimes down to my hip bone im having a masive anxiety attack over this or its real ? first thing i thought was stomach cancer ? small intestine cancer ? then i thought i dont wanna tell my parents this and stress them out first dr said its normal just the intestine that moves i gave it 4 weeks with no exercises it was still there the 2nd dr said its abnormal but i shouldnt worry and relax come back in 2 weeks so i did so now he said he cant feel nothing while the abdominals have swollen... ( it goes up and down ) after all of this im due for scans tomorrow wich freak me out making me wanna just sleep and not worry but i cant cause i dislocated my arm for the 2nd time and cant sleep properive also cleaned out a house im doing up to set for ppl to rent out and there was mice feccies if theres any diseases in that ??but the drs think im mad and no1 cares does anyone have any idea what this could be ??????( the dr also said while examined its not a hernia or a ceptic ulcer )tomorrow i get an ultra sound and i wanna spew up im scared that if they find something ill have to sneak it around my family and get it all done also my arms dislocated the other day and im now feeling like im broken this sucks
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