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sulphur burps, pain, vomiting etc....

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  • August 31, 2010
  • 04:34 AM

I am now 27, closer to 28 and I have been dealing with this since as far as I can remember. I think the oldest memory would be about 6 yrs old or so.... See it all began with the "burps"....They would last all day long...almost 24 hours exactly....The taste would make me gag and the smell would have my brother complaining and my mother running....I dealt with it for yrs, having about 4-6 episodes a year. I knew from the frist burp I would have to seclude myself for the entire day. It was really hard to explain as a kid. When I was about 14 I was standing in line with my neighbor at the grocery store and BOOM!!! all of a sudden the "first burp" I was mortified, but what made it so much worse was that someone in line about 4 people in front of me blurted out "did someone just ***t" its bad enough I was an awkward 14 yr old, but now I was super embarrassed....

Needless to say, of course they continued....but then......the real struggle begins... I was 19 yrs old and had just given birth to my daughter, she was about 8 days old, by the way I have always been overwight and while pregnant I had lost 80 lbs for no reason, so keep this in mind. So anyways she was about 8 days old and I BURPED!!! oh my gog, with so much force it just came right out. But this time I was immediately nausiated...I was on the verge of vomiting for hours, and still trying to care for my newborn, when all of a sudden I caught myself running to the bathroom to vomit, this had never happened before. As soon as I vomited I was in total relief, and thought to myself that it was over....Yeah Right....the days that followed were awful, diarrhea, vomiting, extreme pain in my back and stomach, body fatigue, confusion, embarrassment and disgust...I couldnt keep a thing down, but was so hungry.....Everything I ate I lost.... I started gaining weight rapidly.....I worked and raised 2 kids while struggling through this...I went and saw my Doctor and he gave me pepcid and darvacet....WOW!!! thats the answer (I said to myself sarcastically) but nothing helped.....I harrassed this man but he always seemed to look at me like I was making up this whole thing... He did order an MRI and said he saw "a mass" on my pancreas but wasnt really sure since the technology they had in the deep south was the origianl and not very reliable......So I dealt with it....figuring whatever it is will either kill me or I will figure out better ways to deal......Then one days, after 2 long yrs of chronic attacks back to back....it STOPPED...

I was good, sometimes I would feel a little icky after eating but I was no where close to where I was the previous years.....I tested and tried out all the bad foods, nothing, fatty, oily, wheat, heavy, light veggie and meat...and nothing I wasnt getting sick...Finally thought I just grew out of it...Then one spring in 2008 I woke up feeling ill, I felt heavy, confused, weak, and in pain...pain in my back, ribsand chest.....And then the nausea.....I had the slight burps but the pain was the worst....I was fed up...I went on the computer and tried looking up everything...I came across this thing called "Giardia" I was like VOILA!!! I found it...I printed the page, brabbed my little bit of medical records and my bag and keys and drove to the E.R. I knew I couldnt handle another attack....I got to the ER and got this really nice and understanding Doctor. I explained to her that I lived by a creek as a kid and wee flooded all the time, we also had well water and this Bacteria Giardia comes from contaminated conditions....She agreed and diagnosed me with Giardia...I called my mom from the ER and let her know how happy I was that we found the cause and cure to my illness. She gave me Percocet and an antibiotic for the Giardia...She told me follow up with my PCP....Well....guess what guys??

It wasnt Giardia becuase I didnt get any better.....now I am on the verge of a mental hospital...I cant take this anymore....I am in a full attack once again and I dont know whats wrong with me.....So my PCP sent me to the Gastroenterologist and did an array of tests.....DRUMROLL PLEASE.....acid reflux, pancreatitis, and a whole lot of other stuff, the RX panocaps (worthless) bloodpressure meds (dont have high blood pressure) and pepcid (yeah right) See I agree I do have acid reflux but everything else doesnt fit......So to this day I still get sick, and as a matter of fact the reason I am posting this is because I am in another attack and dont know what to do.....Over the yrs I have gained new symptoms but never a remedy.....Below I will list my symptoms.....either all come from this mystery condition or not related, but nevertheless this is what I am dealing with.....

sulphur burps
painful flatulance
feelin of a ball in my throat that wont go down
occasional whole peice of food sliding up from throat to mouth
ribs pain
upper back pain
upper stomach pain
feeling of torso in a vice

I hope someone one day will find the real cause and cure....because LI, acid reflux, ciliacs disease etc dont fit whats goin on..... Thanks again!!!

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  • I am so sorry you are going through this, I think my first bout was age 14 and I had them one every 6 months approx, each time getting worse until I threw up with pain. That was the end of that episode. Once I was rushed to A&E, of course as soon as I was seen my symptoms were gone (what is WITH that?!). He prescribed Buscopan but no good. I'm now 27 and getting so fed up! Last night at 2am I made myself sick (I usually do this when it happens) to make sure nothing was in my stomach. I went thru the pantry, desperate to find something that would help. I had a feeling something was wrong with the balance of my stomach acids. I took:2 Panacea Forte (anti worm type capsules)10 drops Grapefruit seed extract (diluted in small glass of water)2 Activated charcoal tabs (make sure you remember you took this or you when freak when you pass anything!)Half a tab of Berocca 2 pills of Gastro soothe (general anti cramp)I realise you probably wont have all this at home but SOMETHING in that combo worked, I have a feeling I didnt have the right levels of acid to digest the food in my stomach. People on here have mentioned ALKA-SELTZER (or even just baking soda) and if you check the forums theres all sorts of remedies. I believe with this everyone's stomach is different, the catalyst was different and the cure will be different. I dont think its any disease or infection (I too thought it was Giardia, but treatment didnt help). I think its your stomach reacting to something which could prove difficult to diagnose. Anyway after my concoction I went back to bed, after a bit of diarrhea fell promptly asleep. Bit of diarrhea this morning but no pain or gassy burps at all! I'll still take it easy today (altho had some muesli and yoghurt which Im sure was what set it off initially!)I really hope this helps you in some way, even ideas to what you could try. All the best let me know what you find :)
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    • November 26, 2010
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