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Abdominal and groin pain and swelling

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 11, 2010
  • 10:38 AM

I am 31 wks post-op laproscropic hysterectomy w/ovaries removed. I am also 6 wks post-op open inguinal hernia repair on right side.

I feel like there are several issues going on. Doctors are scratching their heads.

Since hysterectomy: Burning, twisting pain in urethra area, swollen groin area, discomfort, pain after urination, dribbling without sensation to urinate.

Before, during and after hysterectomy: pressure in rectum, rectal canal and lower back; hemorrhoids w/o straining no matter how soft stools are; no blood in stools but stools often have a lot of mucous.

Right inguinal hernia developed during 6 wk recovery time from hysterectomy and gradually got worse. I had open hernia repair w/mesh 6 wks ago.

At 3 1/2 wks post-op from hernia repair until now - major swelling in lower to upper abdomen on right side going over into hip area and up towards chest area; uncomfortable feeling from inside out; uncomfortable to sit, bend over, lift right leg or drive; sometimes more firm to the touch; sometimes painful when touched; sometimes feels almost numb; loss of appetite comes with how big it should get, as it feels if I eat I become nauseated; fatigued as I am not sleeping well and swelling wakes me up; don't feel well; pain in right hip and joint.

No temperature. Incisions from hysterectomy healed and one from hernia looks fine. No oozing, no discharge, no heat, no redness. Still feel bruised in groin area where hernia was located. Blood pressure normal.

Negative tests for UTI, bladder infection, yeast infection and bacterial infection. Dr noted renal and abdominal distention upon examination.

Waiting results from pelvic ultrasound of the bladder, internal and external, which was very painful.

Medications: Estradiol .06 patch, Colace 0-200 mg daily, Ibuprofen as needed.

Adopted so family medical history is sketchy.
Birth father's side: Birth father, 5 siblings and his parents died of cancer; 1 sibling died of lupus; he also had kidney or liver transplant (trying to find out which one).
Birth mother's side: Birth mother, 1 sibling and father have diabetes; her father has colon cancer; birth mother, her mother and father all have high blood pressure.

I feel like I haven't had a life post-hysterectomy. I only go to work and home and sporadic visits to store. I am on limited mobility and just don't feel like being around people as it takes a lot of energy that I feel I don't have to spare. My 2 days off of work are spent sleeping, resting, icing or using heat. I do not go out and about like I used to and am feeling almost defeated by the health issues. This seems to be the new normal and I refuse to accept that.

My job is a straight 8 hr sit down job. I sit on donut pillow and it provides some comfort. It appears to slow the swelling and pain down some in pelvic area. The walk to car after work is very uncomfortable and by the time I get home the swelling is much worse.

I did have Foley catheter during hysterectomy that was very uncomfortable during hospital stay. I did not have Foley for hernia repair.

Also after hysterectomy, my bladder was in sleep mode and they had to push fluid in IV in order to get to function which I told is common after hysterectomy. After Foley was removed urine was back to not passing as much as the nurses hoped.

Unable to eat certain foods: beef, broccoli and beans cause severe gas pains.

I apologize for length - trying to give as much info as possible. I have another follow up appointment w/surgeon next week.

How much of this can be attributed to normal recovery and how much of this do I need to be concerned about? Any suggestions/opinions appreciated.

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