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Ulcerative Colitis, please help!

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  • November 20, 2007
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Hi everyone,

i need to know more about ulcerative colitis. i have been diagnosed with it a few months ago and i've been treated and the blood and mucus has decreased in the stool. however, now the symptoms seem to come back.. im not sure what to do and i don't want to tell my parents because they've been worried sick about me and my father has hypertension and i don't want this to affect them in any way.
so please if any knows what to do when the symptoms presist please help me out,, is this normal or does it mean that i have to go back to taking medicine,, i don't want to continue taking medicine for the rest of my life so i would appreciate if anyone else has any alternative methods.
also, i would like to know what food should my diet consist of.. initially the doctor stated that i can eat anything as long as it doesn't affect me, however i cannot seem to diffreniate what exactly has an impact on me. so please anyone with ulcerative colitis, share your experience with me..


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  • My son was diagnosed with UC in March. Asacaol made him feel worse, his blood count was down to 7.7, he lost 20 pounds. He went off of all medication and started cranial manipulation with a D.O. and had acupuncture treatments. He is down to visits of once a month for each and has gained 25 pounds. Don't let doctors tell you that you can eat anything. He is on a whole foods diet. No chemicals (especially processed sodas), no high fructose corn syrup, no fried foods. No shellfish, no dairy, no wheat. Try to do organic foods. He mainly eats chicken, fish, vegetables and anything made from brown rice (including brown rice pasta). He takes cod liver pills, vitamin a, and aloe juice.This is a lifestyle change but he is healthy and no longer craves pizza, etc. He has not had a flare in 5 months.Good luck to you.
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    • January 3, 2008
    • 05:07 PM
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  • is it worth it to have the surgery to have this disease taken away for good? what are the risks to getting this surgery? ive been dignoised with ulcerative colitis since septemeber 2008 (5 months now) and in the first 2 months i was in the hospital 3 times for it then in the past month i went back because i was bleeding and had serve abdominal pain again. i dont want to take the medications for it anymore, im already taking like 18-19 pills a day just for this stupid disease and i HATE it! what should i do?somebody please help me!!!thanks
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    • January 21, 2009
    • 01:02 AM
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  • I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis around 1994. I was going through the same miserable thing you are experiencing. I was told that the only way I would have a normal life was to have surgery and was told to go to the Mayo Clinic. I refused to have this done and started researching everything I could aboud this disease. The Doctors are very closed minded to anything but sulfa drugs, steroids and surgery. Remember theese Doctors have never experienced this disease personally and you probablyknow more about your body than they do. I believe you should take their advice to a certain extent and then you need to listen to yourself. I have never heard of anyone having a great life after this surgery. The Doctors told me and that there was no cure and sooner or later I would have to have surgery. None of the drugs worked for me untill I tried 6-Mercaptopurine a light Chemo pill also generic called Parinethol. It takes a while to get into your blood system to start working but it put me in remission when nothing else would. It had just came out at that time I think. I then started an exercise program called body for life (bodyforlife.com) Either way you need to exercise at least 4 times a week. Make sure you alter your metabolism by eating 6 times a day and eat the right foods. I would suggest 2-3 of those meals being a meal replacement drink. You can buy them from EAS Body for life or order from a company I like called nutrition express. Very important is that you drink a gallon of water a day. This is very important! Carry a bottle of water with you always. It is hard to drink this much at first but soon it becomes easy. Order Some Omega 3 fish oil caps and take daily as well. I also believe stress is a big factor with this disease. You must remove stress from your life as much as possible.I did this and after a year and a half of taking 6-MP I started to slowly cut back on the drug over a 6 month period untill I no longer was taking it and have continued everthing else. I am now 57 years and am more fit than I have ever been in my life. I have a letter from the digestive disease center saying that I no longer need to see them and that I have no signs of ever having ulcerative Colitis.During all my doctors visits they told me that I should not be drinking my shakes or taking any of my supplements. They said the exercise was OK but would not really help me.I have not had any signs of this disease since and it has been years.This is definately a lifestyle change that may be a little work but isn't having a bag on your side a lifestyle change? This I believe will work for you, be patient it takes time and good luck.
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  • Hi, I was diagnosed with UC 2008. My doctor gave me Rowasa at first, and it worked so well that I was given Lialda. I took 4 pills a day, and then down to 2 a day for maintenance. It seemed that wheat/gluten was a huge trigger for me, especially white bread (whole wheat seemed to take longer). I would have instant gut-wrenching clawing in my stomach. Things were ok until I graduated, no health insurance and a move to, of all places, NYC. Lialda costs about $2000 a bottle, which has 120 pills. Luckily, I was able to find some kind and considerate doctors who gave it to me for free. I was fine, and sometimes not taking my pills... until this year. For some reason, my colitis has come back. I haven't been able to figure out what I am eating wrong, and have upped my dosage to 4 pills. It has been a couple weeks now and nothing seems to alleviate it except for going to the restroom and not eating (which I know isn't what I'm supposed to do). I just ran across this Aloe Elite thing but am hesitant to buy it. If the colitis doesn't go away in the next couple of weeks, I might as well try it :(
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