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Long term abdominal pain

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  • Posted By: dan4011
  • May 28, 2011
  • 04:37 PM

Hey, ill try to keep it short, but heres my question.

Im a 21 year old male. and i have had some GI symptoms for a long time. about 4 or 5 year ago I noticed some pain in my mid left side, near the ribs front and back sometimes. hurts when i bend over and do a lot of activity. Feels sort of like a lump is in there. The pain has been present for about 4 years or so. Not sure if its gotten worse. It can come in spells, some weeks hurt and some weeks it will feel fine. sometimes the pains sharp sometimes its dull and constant. Sometimes i wont notice it for months then it will come back

my bowel habits have never been very great, I typically go a couple days between my bowel movements. I definitely do have constipation but i feel like i always have. feels possibly worse at this point but im not sure. I noticed what i thought was blood in one of my bowel movement the other week. Not a lot. From then on ive been inspecting all of my movements and i think i saw some blood in a few of the other ones, but not much, maybe its not blood at all?

my weight seems to stay consistent, but i havent had much of an appetite for the last month or so, then again im also super stressed that something might seriously be wrong.

Ive been to a doctor a couple times about this. Once was about 4 or 5 year ago when i started noticing it and they tested me for mono? didnt have it and went on my way, the pain always stayed but never bothered me a lot, although i constantly worry about it. about a month or 2 back i went to another doctor, i was thinking it was maybe my spleen? but she felt it and it was not enlarged, she ordered a CBC and everything was normal, at least back then. She didnt seem worried seeing that the pains been present a long time.

I am worried about colon cancer, I know its not common for my age, but maybe its slow growing, noticing that little bit of blood really worried me, I know i need to see another doctor. I really would like to see a GI doctor. The only thing is that I think i need a referral, and my copay is 50 dollars, going to the doc that many times really adds up.

do you think colon cancer is possible? would the fact that my symptoms have gone on for so long be a reason to maybe rule it out?

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