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could this be a ibd

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  • Posted By: milz123
  • May 5, 2007
  • 06:54 PM

hey im 15 years old i was wondering if anyone can help me... i was in hospital 8 weeks ago with a suspeted appendicitas! they thought it was appendix so they did a lapascopic appendisectomy! well that all went well untill i woke up and still had the pain. The doctor said it could just be pain from the operation so i thought ok. He said it was only mildly inflammed. I had quite a bad reaction to the annathesic so i was in hospital for a week, i went home and i still had the pain and the diarrhea and occasionally sick. I've been back and forward to the doctors but they just put it down to the operation still. I started to have a really big fever and being sick and diarrhea again last weekend so my mum took me into hospital and i had to stay in for the weekend on a drip and medication anway they let me home and they said it was just a bug. This was untill i had to go back to the doctors two days ago with severe pain and mucus in my diarrhea/ very loose watery stools. Im also very tired all the time and very moody this is affecting my life a great deal and getting to the stage where i cant handle this anymore. anywayz two weeks ago i started to have blood and mucus in my diarrhea and this really scared me and i started crying so my mum took me to the doctors. the doctor was really concerned so he admitted me into hospital that when i had the full work of bloods and everything come back "normal" i was in alot of pain that i couldnt walk so i had to stay in hospital! i saw a gi doctor that eventually said i will have to have a colonoscopy done i had that a week after i got admitted it was the worst experience of my life and it was the worst pain ever!! the doctor took 7 biopsies and told us that from what we could see my colon was very inflammed what does this mean? i hav to go back in hospital on tuesday to find my biopsies results could anyone please me some important questions to ask? and what does inflammed colon mean? what should i do with my life if it is colitas or chrons how do i deal with it? if anyone could give me some advice i would really appreciate it sorry about the long post!:confused:

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  • DEMAND TO GET A STOOL TEST DONE TO CHECK FOR CLOSTRIDIUM DIFFICILE BACTERIAL INFECTION. Please do this and get it ruled out! C. Diff. is directly caused by antibiotic use, and sometimes it doesn't show as symptoms until several months after stoppping an antibiotic. Docs don't often check for this and it must be specifically requested. C Diff infection can cause pseudomembranous colitis, and it is nasty. Just do this simple test to rule it out! What are your periods like? Do you have cramping, pain, heavy periods? Are they regular or irregular? One of the most misdiagnosed reasons for having an appendectomy is actually having ovarian cysts. An ultrasound would be in order. The last thing they should check for (that I can think of - I am sure others will have ideas) is to check for celiac disease. This can also cause a lot of your symptoms. Try to eat a bland diet in the meantime, cut out all sugar, dairy products, and processed foods. Try to make a rice porridge, which is extremely soothing and aids in your digestion: Take 1 cup organic short grain brown rice to 5 cups pure spring water. Bring to boil, and then slowly simmer for anywhere from 3-5 hours, the longer the better. This is very fortifying. Best wishesDOM
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  • okay im sorry but i didnt give you all the information that you should no okay well i've already done a stool test and that all come back "normal". When they took my appendics out they did a ultrasound before and my ovaries were perfectly fine. We mentioned to my doctor before about celiac disease and he says it dosen't sound like it to me but he tried the diet for a week and all symptoms persisterd any other ideas you could give me? thanks for the info so far.
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  • I know it's been a little while since you've posted so I hope you see this. You've probably gotten your results back so maybe it's silly to say this, but yes this *really* sounds like IBD. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was 16 (that was 13 years ago). My symptoms started when I was 15 but I spent a lot of time dealing with morons before I was dx'd. I'm angry your colonoscopy was painful--I've had 7 or 8 and some have hurt, but others I was completly asleep for. My first one was awful too, but really most doctors try to knock you out before and I hate the sadistic dolts who don't. Especially when you're so young, like I was!It isn't easy or fun to live with Crohn's but it's not impossible. It is hard to get thru school feeling like this--I'm still trying to finish college and I'm almost 30--and it can be ***l being sick while everyone your age is having fun. Especially with such a gross disease as this one. Friends may be sympathetic, but they have a really hard time understanding why you don't just "get better." This sometimes means they think you are faking to get out of things. Unfortunately, I still sometimes get this reaction from other "adults". But...I am very happily married to a guy who has endured some really disgusting and stressful things. Our 9th anniversary is July 25th. I don't have kids--I have about 400 other diseases including one that made me get a hysterectomy--but there isn't any real problem in having kids when you have Crohn's. There are tons more medicines around then there was even in 1994, when I was diagnosed. Most of the people who get Crohn's are teenagers. It is, as my gastroenterologist says, a disease of the young. There are a lot of good websites you can look at and there's a good message board site at healingwell.com. I've used are www.ccfa.org and am told that Teens With Crohn's ( http://pages.prodigy.net/mattgreen/ ) is really good. I'm not sure if I'd be any help but you can email me too, sailormoon2024 at hotmail.com Heather
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  • hey thank you so much for that message it was really nice i had the first colonoscopy done and they lost my results so i still dont no!! My first gastro docotor was really useless and he could never be bothered since i had wrote that message i have been hospitalized twice with really bad dehydration!! i am now seeing a new gastro doctor that thinks i have some kind of ibd as all my blood tests point to it and plus theirs a family history!! i see where your coming from about other friends not understanding and dont really no what your going through as thats completly what mine are like!! i have to have another colonscopy because they lost my last results i am soo scared i really dont want to go through it again because it hurt so much! i am really greatful for your message and i will update you soon. if you have any other informations for me i would greatly appreciate this as im still going without a diagnosis!! millie
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  • that last message was from me, i must have forgotten to log in
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  • Hey Miltz,It does indeed sound like you have IBD. I am sorry that you had to go through so much pain with your colonscopy. As mentioned earlier, you shouldn't have to have any pain. At your next appointment you should let them know that you had pain and that you need them to give you something that will knock you out during the procedure. I was only diagnosed last year, but I am alot older then you. I know how hard it was for me to accept, so I can only imagine how hard it must be on you. I do want to let you know that it didn't take over my life like I thought it would tho. Today I can do most of the stuff I used to. I just need to plan a bit once and a while. I hope your case turns out to be a mild one and that you dont have to go thru to much pain with this.Hugs and warm thoughts from me to you!
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  • They lost your results?????????? I thought my hospital was stupid. When is your next colonoscopy? Yes, like the last person said, do mention you were awake during your last one--you can tell the nurse while your getting set up if you have to. That's helped me some. I'm really hard to knock out but they have done it so no one should have to go thru a painful colonoscopy. My one last year I was awake but so buzzed that I didn't care what they were doing. For most the worst is the prep. What prep do you use? I am partial to Phospho-soda, myself. Listen to me! I sound like a boring old lady! Talking about laxatives. Jeez.What would you want to know about? I am a font of wisdom (and assorted weblinks and books). I can tell you my symptoms are usually pain in the lower right side of my abdomen, crampy painful diarhhea--tho sometimes it keeps cramping and cramping after I'm all empty. Then I take immodium and sit in a bath until the immodium kicks in. (Tho don't take immodium if you're bleeding unless you've asked a doctor first, obviously.) If you have IBD you should invest in the company that makes immodium, so you at least get some of your money back. Toilet paper companies too. I'd suggest a tasteful redecoration of your bathroom since you're there a lot. I also have bladder and kidney diseases, so I know whatof I speak. I recommend a TV, maybe a few paintings, some potted palms...Ahem. Anyway, I also get terrible heartburn when my Crohn's is active. Bloody and mucous-y diarrhea, sometimes nausea and sometimes vomiting. Usually I lose my appetetite, but I am way fat because I've been on steriods for Crohn's and other autoimmune diseases (ankylosing spondylitis, lupus, etc.) so many times. Now they have a steroid that doesn't have such bad side effects but I'm allergic to it. Of course.Good luck with your next test and let us know how it goes. Do feel free to email me like I said. I don't work because of all my diseases (tho I am trying to write a Great American Novel so I don't feel toooo useless) so it's not a bother. And those other forums are great help, if just to have someone to listen. I've never tried it but I guess that the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation has some sort of hotliine for info and help and just general spiffiness: 888.MY.GUT.PAIN (888-694-8872). (((hugs)))Heather
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  • thanks heather my tests are on the second of august and i have spoke to my doctor about how much paiin i was in last time and he has tried reasurring me that i wont be this time! i have just got out of hospital yesterday as the pain in my belly had spread to my chest and i couldnt breath properly and i had a temp of 40 which is very very high i cannot eat because im soo worried im going to get the chest pains again its been nearly a week since ive eaten! i will update u after my tests thank you
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