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surgeon didn't give me logical risk analysis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 11, 2009
  • 01:27 AM

I had a sessile polyp removed from my colon and was referred to a surgeon. I was told there was a 10% chance that microscopic cancer might of infiltrated lymph nodes because polyp had only 1mm margin. It did come out in one piece and easily removed by GI doctor. When I went to visit surgeon he showed me on wall diagram where polyp was located, which was sigmoid colon. Besides risks of 10% cancer he said operation was not going to affect me except in his own words "you might go a little bit more."

This is where my life has been ruined by a zealous surgeon. A couple of days in hospital he came into my room and said that the operation was more difficult for him because it was lower that he first thought because I was tall. As it turns out a Lower Anterior Resection was performed saving me from a colostomy but my rectum was removed. Since my recovery my life has forever been changed.

Here's the thing - if he did a better job explaining the risks of having the operation instead of emphasizing the 10% chance of cancer, I could of made a better decision about my body and what risks I was willing to take. If he had explained that the location is difficult to determine and if it's lower there are more risks with location in the rectum. He made no statements that my rectum was going to be affected. Then he should of explained what life would be like without a rectum and that the possibility of a colostomy was a possibility. That information would of made me consider if I should go through with this horrible operation. I did not have any cancer in colon except on polyp. My frustration is that I had no say in my own body and it's been like my freedom of movement has been taken away from me. I also had to give up my music career because of the unsureness of my bowel movements. I feel so bitter towards him and by the way the biopsy was negative so the operation was not necessary.

I'm in my early 50's and am now very anxious about my future and have no recreational life. I've been a loner type from over 40 years of playing music and am not married so I have come to a time in my life where survival is my only choice.

I'm happy to vent here, no matter what kind of responses I get. That surgeon made the operation sound like a walk in the park where in reality it was a very serious event. I've also lost like 70lbs and I've been seeing a psychiatrist but I can't see how I'll ever fully recover mentally. I've shown my records to a lawyer and they say I would never win a malpractice suit. The surgeon did a good job, it just wasn't what I signed up for and didn't have a choice in the final decision and that's the real kicker.

Anything to life my spirits would be appreciated. thanks

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  • I am so saddened by reading your account. I does no good but you certainly have my sympathies. I hate to use your post as a sounding board but this is the exact point that has driven me crazy for many years. We go to doctors and they perform operations without full disclosure. I see this most often in the hemorrhoid removal area as that is my area specialty. Any doctor can perform surgery to remove hemorrhoids. That doesn’t mean that they should! A colorectal doctor trains for 2 to 3 years extra to learn about colon surgeries but G.I. and G.P. doctors act like they know how it’s done and unfortunately this can be the result.I only know of one way to lift your spirits my friend and that is to quote the Bible. Revelation 21:4 “The day will come when he (God) will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning or outcry nor pain be anymore.”For those of you who need surgery for rectal problems please listen to this mans delema and be proactive! Do NOT TRUST EVERY WORD OUT OF YOUR DOCTORS MOUTH! Make sure they are the best doctor to be performing the procedure and make sure they are giving you all the information you need to make the best decision. Sometimes surgery goes the wrong way, not often but sometimes. If it does you want to be able to say that at least you did your due diligence.I have a website devoted to helping people go through the process of finding quality and qualified doctors I hope you don’t find it disrespectful for me to post it here in hopes that it helps someone.Thank you and we wish the best for you form here on out.Sincerely,Brian McMullin
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