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Looking for direction

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  • December 18, 2009
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A brief history.

For over a year I have been having the following symptoms.

Nausea, pretty much 24/7, acid reflux that burns my throat and on waking in the morning leaves a taste and film in my mouth. (Sorry to be so descriptive.)

I am unable to eat very much at all, and live mainly on ensure drinks, the reason I can not eat much is the nausea. The nausea is best described as feeling so I am going to be sick rather than feeling sick if that makes sense. At times I get a burning feeling low down in my stomach. I do not get heartburn as such, but do get the feeling of wanting to burp a lot after eating, but never bring up any wind if I try.

The most worrying aspect apart from not eating is weight loss. I lost about 10Kg between June and Sept this year, but now my weight has stabilized.

I was sent to a GI doctor and he concentrated on my upper GI, stomach etc. He ran many tests including upper GI camera, H.pylori, many bloods, liver and GB scan, all came back normal.

My question is does it sound so we need to look further down in the bowels, could it be bowel cancer, my GI doctor thinks not but I need a direction of where to look at next, as I am not improving.

My BMs are normal for me, once a day, I have not noticed any blood, but I will be honest I avoid looking be a male and coward.

I have no pain at all and most of the time feel fine.


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  • Hello,It actually sounds like the upper "Flap" that closes off your stomach to your esophagus is not closing all the way but if your G.I. scoped your stomach he would have been able to diagnose that.Also, I would have to assume that you have ruled out acid reflux right?You see it sounds like something is causing gas that is pushing ******n your "Flap" and causing your burning in your throat, that will cause nausea too having the stomach gas back up. Usually this is seen when the gastroesophageal flap (throat flap) is not sealing properly. When that’s the case it is a simple surgical procedure to correct it and your on with life. The only other thing that I have heard of that could have some of the same effects would me stomach ulcer but you don't have that because the scope would have picked that up.Maybe Crones Disease and for that they would need to look at the intestines.Cancer, you would be having other problems.I would look closer at the gastroesophageal flap if I were you. All your symptoms indicate thats what it would be.Hope this helps a little bit and let me know what you findGet Fixed SoonBrian McMullinBrianmcmullin@live.com
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