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something wrong with my heart?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 2, 2008
  • 08:52 PM

Hi i am a 20 yr old male who started getting chest pains (pressure or tightness) right below my sternum one night. at first i didnt think much of it because of my age and i use to run cross country and track in high school. the next day the pain continued throuigh the entire day so i decided that i should go the the hospital to get it checked out.

at the hospital they gave me an EKG and a chest xray and found nothing wrong so they diagnosed it as acid reflux and gave me a prescription for omeprazole.

throughout the next week my pain seemed to die down a little bit but it still came and went. at the end of the week i was watching a college football game when all of a sudden my chest started to hurt again but it was different, it felt like a burning/bleeding pain and i could start to feel my heart pounding. I put my hand over my chest to se what my pulse was and ifelt like it was going very fast. my body immediately got numb for a few seconds as i rushed to get my cell phone and call 911 to get an ambulence. at first when thy checked my pulse it was a 110-120 bpm so they took me to the ambulence and asked me if i wanted to go to the hospital. I said yes and started paying attention to the heart moniter. it steadily started to increase and got to as high as 148 bpm.

when i arrived at the hospital i got another EKG, chest xray, blood work, and a unrine test. everything came back normal but my heart rate was still at around 120-130 bpm for about 1-2 hours. after that my pulse went back down to 80-90bpm but i still felt lightheaded and nausea. I was dismissed by the hospital later that night with no prescriptions but they tod me i had a slight tachycardia.

over the next day i felt nausea throughout the entire day and have very little appetite to eat any food. after about 2 days i started to feel almost normal again and could eat full meals. onthose days i was still feeling nausea for the first hour or 2 after i woke up then it all would go away.

on the 4th day after the first episode i was driving my car to my grandmothers housewhile listening to my ipod and suddenly the same chest pain came back following a rapid pulse and chest pounding. i drove about 100 mph to get to my gmas house where she originally told me to just relax but i wasnt feeling any better so i had her take me to a different hospital. again at the hospital i had the same tests run on me but this time i had an echocardiogram taken and still everything seemed normal. i have had no PVC's but i do get PAC's. they gave me a holter moniter before they dismissed me to moniter my activity for the next 48 hours.

I just turned in the moniter to the hospital earlier today however i havent had another episode for the moniter to record. however, since i got back from the hospital ive had constant nasua throughout the 2 days and i get frequent cases of chest pain and lightheadedness.

this is really starting to bother me because it is stopping me from my normal everyday activitaties that i want to do in life and yet the doctors cannot tell what is wrong yet.

i was wondering if anyone here has heard or experienced anything similar to my situation and if they had any advice to give.

i would greatly appreciate any input you could give, thanks in advance.

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