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Sleep paralysis or something much more serious? Really weird!

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  • Posted By: davids1189
  • June 7, 2007
  • 10:16 PM

I just don't know what's going on. I haven't talked to a doctor about these yet and frankly I am afraid of going to the doctor about this. I do have irregular sleeping hours and all of these only occurs while sleeping.

About a year ago, I experienced something really weird. While sleeping, suddenly there's an intense pressure over the chest, kind of like strong winds blowing on the chest followed immediately by 2 sessions of discomfort in the chest area, not sure where, possibly the heart. It lasted around 5-10 seconds total, I couldn't speak or move while that was going on. But I am not sure if this even happened, it could just be a dream.

In the few months since then, I have had 3 seperate incidents of something similar that only happens if I put a blanket over my head and fall asleep. No pressure over the chest, just can't move for 5-10 seconds. If I try to breath deeply while that was going on, I would feel the air in my lungs not able to release.

So I stopped pulling the blanket over my head to stop those incidcents from occuring again. But now I am having those incidents again. In the past 2 months, I have had 2 (B) incidents again. Both times occuring just as I was lying on the bed, very relaxed, almost about to fall asleep. With the experiences, now I can feel when these incidents are about to start, I simply get off the bed before the incident starts to stop it from occuring.

I have had 1 incident of this, which happened about 3 weeks ago. No pressure over the chest, but extreme discomfort right under the left collar bone. Can't move or speak during the occurance. I continued sleeping. After I woke up, when I move my left arm, there would be minor discomfort under the left collar bone, this discomfort disappeared completely after 2 days.

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  • sounds like a panic attack? But nothing to mess around with, I went after told just panic attacks and had a circulatory condition with my heart and out of control cholesterol. Be sure to see a doctor
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  • wow. i am having the exact same thing! only it seems mine is happening more frquently. it started about 3 months ago, only happneing maybe once a week. now it happends about 4 or 5 times a week! its horrible! i went to the doctor and they said it could be something called "monocleus" or "sleep starts". and i'm scheduled to do some sort of monitered sleep test next week. if you find anything out, please keep us updated!
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  • yeah it is sleep paralysis, I started having them when I was about 8. Usually what happens is that yr falling asleep or waking up &then you go into a state of paralysis, kind of like your body is sleeping but you're actually awake &conscious. Some people experience chest pains, hallucinations &feelings of fear. I've experienced hallucinations in where i see people in my room, hear voices &just really horrible stuff...
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  • Sleep Paralysis, according to some experts in the metaphysical aspects of science, believe that it is a precursor or a failure of, the process of astral projection. The feelings in the chest, feelings of vibration or floating, or falling, are energy being generated by the etheric body, trying to make an exit into a full-blown OBE (out of body experience). I'd read some Robert Bruce if interested, he covers the subject extensively, and its an interesting read. if you choose not to go along with his theories thats ok, but his explanation sounds highly plausible, as far as astral dynamics go. We have so much more to learn about this sleep paralysis phenomenon and he's the only one who's gone into detail about it with his theories, experiences, and observations.
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  • Sounds more like sleep paralysis than a sleep start. Plastikfear's suggestion also seems plausible (in which case you would probably not need medical treatment but psychological treatment, like through the use of meditation techniques or sometime similar).Anyways, don't be afraid to consult a doctor, you should definitely go see one. Your doctor has probably diagnosed diseases and heard of stories much more worse and troubling than yours, and would be happy to help you.
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