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Shortness of breath and chest pain linked to poor blood circulation?

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  • Posted By: Nadia2009
  • November 2, 2009
  • 05:06 AM

Hi everyone,

I have had a difficult year stressful and full of doctor visits.
Among my symptoms are shortness of breath and fatigue and lethargy in the morning with muscle pain. I also have chest pain that have been increasing lately but I learned to live with chest pain and palpitation from young age (I was told it was panic attack and low magnesium calcium related which I learned to address). But I didn't really tell my doctor about my chest pains there was always something else to tell. Anyway, I have a heart murmur but was told many years ago that it wasn't a bad one and that I dont need antibiotics to prevent infection. So, palpitation and chest pains and oppression were kinda normal for me. But years are passing and I am less fit. I now have some shortness of breath and it gets worst with my sinus infection and inflammation. I am sometimes scared of going to bed.
I have fatigue even if it is getting better after I addressed my food intolerances.
I feel much better if I take a walk as soon as I wake up and I feel even better if I warm up my feet when they are freezing which often if it is cold. Even in the summer, I need to warm up my feet before going to bed unless I have been walking all day and had less than 30 minute sedentary rest.
My big discovery: as soon as I warm up my feet, I feel so much better all over and in my head around my sinus. I feel they are less obstructed than normal and I breath so easily and deep. My shortness of breath goes away! I just have to be careful I don't warm my feet too much or my heart starts beating too fast and I hear my pulse in my head.
Among my many symptoms are a serious lack of concentration and forgetfulness. Also a new drowsiness for the last 1-2 years: I can sleep in the subway or car (I am not driving) so easily when my alertness used be very high all my life even after a sleepless night. I can also yawn non stop litterally dozen of times or more. At first, I thought my symptoms were due to sleep apnea which could be there too but I wonder if everything isn't related to my circulation?
I have some allergy symptoms with no apparent allergy after testing and food intolerances too. My "allergy sinus" symptoms are red eyes and sneezing and obstructed sinuses.
I don't know if it is related by I had at least for one time swollen feet and maybe ankles. It is far back and I don't remember well. I also had a facial partial paralesia which went away after 2 weeks.
I also have varicosities in my tights and of course in my leg (I dont have too many in the legs but probably that's it is the most fit area in my body from my walking).
I really feel sometimes that I am in lack of oxygen and my tired legs and sometimes stiff worries me. I am early 40s and I look so much younger and healthier than I feel and thats probably misleading my doctor. I am also worried for my intellectual capacities as they suffer from lack of concentration and forgetfulness. I am actually a quick thinker and have an excellent memory and that's how I know that my forgetfulness and lack of concentration aren't normal for me.

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