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Rapid Heart Rate + Sleep Paralysis

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  • Posted By: cet0603
  • December 6, 2008
  • 07:40 PM

I suffer from sleep paralysis once in a while, and 99% of the time it occurs after falling back to sleep on my back in the morning or during an afternoon nap. I'm also aware of the symptoms of sleep paralysis. However, I experienced an episode this morning while laying on my side and it was accompanied by a very rapid heart rate. I turned on my left side to try and fall back to sleep when suddenly I began feeling like something bad was going to happen. My body felt heavy and soon I realized I couldn't move. Then my heart began to speed up very rapidly and I could here it beating in my head. I had to consciously control my breathing to bring it back down. I still couldn't move or open my eyes. I tried to speak but couldn't move my lips to articulate my faint words. My heart began to beat rapidly for the second time and again I had to bring it back down through controlled breathing. My thoughts and my breathing seemed to be the only thing I could control, though my breaths were somewhat shallow. Eventually my motor skills returned and I was able to ***k back the covers and sit up.

Was this a panic attack, another case of sleep paralysis or something more serious? Usually I'm in and out of a dream state when I experience sleep paralysis, but this time I was clearly thinking about trying to move; if I could get to my phone if I needed to; consciously controlling my breathing; praying in my head. And I've never experienced this rapid rise and fall in my heart rate. What happened? Was I putting too much pressure on my heart by laying on my left side? Thanks for listening.

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  • Hey, i just read this and i could of wrote this myself! I have suffered with the same sleep disorder since i can remember also happens when i fall back to sleep or have an afternoon nap. I have also experienced the spooky part of my heart racing very fast and hard during sleep, But i am unable to stop it, i end up waking up catching my breath, it is very scary indeed. I have never mentioned this to any doctor, It started when i was roughly 13 and i used to sneak back home during school and have a nap. I get it alot more when my weight is bigger, at the moment i am putting on the weight i have lost, was worse for me when i weighed 272 pounds, at the moment i am 180 pounds, but i have had a few episodes lately as the weight is creaping back up. I would be interested to know if you have spoken to a doctor about this, and what they have said? Or are you going too? DO you get panick attacks when you are awake? Mine started when i was 19, i over came them the past 2 years i can now control them sort off!
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    • December 7, 2008
    • 05:10 PM
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  • I've never talked about this to a doctor, but I have read up on it. I think it might just come with the territory of sleep paralysis. Come to think of it, I think there was another time when I experienced the rapid heartbeat. And I've also put on a little weight lately. I was exercising regularly, eating healthy and not drinking for a while, so I'm sure it worsens the chances/severity of sleep paralysis when I don't do those things. I don't plan on asking a doctor anytime soon; I think it's just a freak thing that happens sometimes. I'm sure there is some medical explanation. I don't get panic attacks when I'm awake. I've experienced sleep paralysis here and there for about 5 years now? I'm 24. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences. Glad I'm not alone!
    cet0603 1 Replies
    • December 8, 2008
    • 02:45 AM
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  • "quote=cet0603;131461]I've never talked about this to a doctor, but I have read up on it. I think it might just come with the territory of sleep paralysis. Come to think of it, I think there was another time when I experienced the rapid heartbeat. And I've also put on a little weight lately. I was exercising regularly, eating healthy and not drinking for a while, so I'm sure it worsens the chances/severity of sleep paralysis when I don't do those things. I don't plan on asking a doctor anytime soon; I think it's just a freak thing that happens sometimes. I'm sure there is some medical explanation. I don't get panic attacks when I'm awake. I've experienced sleep paralysis here and there for about 5 years now? I'm 24. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences. Glad I'm not alone!" My son who is 21 has had this since about 13/14 also. Usually happens as he is falling asleep or waking up. He says he can think perfectly clearly but not move anything. At times he has has stomach symptoms like an ulcer from the stress and lack of rest. I would have to ask him about a rapid heart rate.He said it is evil. I agree. One time during an attack, he managed to twist his head with much struggle and look over his shoulder--and he saw a tall, dark, shadowy figure that kept moving to try and stay out of his sight! ( the medical community calls this an hallucination) Sometimes he has heard "walking" sounds in the hallway before this happens also(the medical community calls this an auditory hallucination). It doesn't matter if one is reading information on this topic from the 1500's---the basics are the same AND often involve an evil presence that the person either sees or is very aware of. I read that every country has a name for this experience in their language. I sent him to a neurologist before I knew there was such a name as sleep paralysis, because I thought he might be having seizures in the night. The doctor said that "no one" in his 30 yrs of practice had ever told him such a story." Well, that was the last visit to him--we smelled the coffee fast. Would have been put through expensive tests and told "who knows" at the end. Then I began online research. I don't believe the medical community has this right; I believe it is a spiritual attack. Historically sleep paralysis was attributed to witches because people were commonly seeing a witch sitting on them. I do not know what opens someone up to this but it is an evil thing. Prayer has truly made a strong impact against this. The attacks are weaker and less frequent. I have read more than one testimony at various places online that prayed in the name of ****s and were totally freed from this condition. I do believe that is the only way out of this. I am putting this here to contribute to the online information to help others. Keep praying and may you be healed soon.
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    • December 16, 2009
    • 03:21 AM
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  • Sleep Paralysis, according to some experts in the metaphysical aspects of science, believe that it is a precursor or a failure of, the process of astral projection. The feelings in the chest, feelings of vibration or floating, or falling, are energy being generated by the etheric body, trying to make an exit into a full-blown OBE (out of body experience). I'd read some Robert Bruce if interested, he covers the subject extensively, and its an interesting read. if you choose not to go along with his theories thats ok, but his explanation sounds highly plausible, as far as astral dynamics go. We have so much more to learn about this sleep paralysis phenomenon and he's the only one who's gone into detail about it with his theories, experiences, and observations. Its definitely worth a read, if nothing else.
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  • For the heart surgeries, the average lenght of stay of a patient is 1 day in intensive care and 8 days in the patient room. One of the patients relative is allowed to stay over with the patient as a companion.If the tooth is bad, you pull it ;)But seriously, I'm digging into the subject at this moment, and from what I read this condition, although it may be scary, may also do you some good. From sleep paralysis, you can go to lucid dream, or to astral projection if you'd like. Also, some people reported that the dark figures are an excellent opportunity to face your hidden fears, but since I never experienced this, I'm not the one to judge.Actually, as of now, I'm trying to induce this condition.I'm sorry for necroposting, it just seems so wrong that the first Google answer for 'sleep paralysis elevated heart rate' tells you only about the Dark Side of SP :D
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  • what the original poster described sounded like a quite normal case of sleep paralyses and the state just before lucid dreaming or astral projection. With this just before you have an out of body experience.. one often gets a "bad feel" (its like the conscious mind if its still there, starts trying to fight the experience)... the whole thing too can cause heart to race, due to fear which comes in or the shift about to occur.. the fear may too be just below the surface of your consciousness as you at least partly know when this is occurring that you are a little asleep still. It's a state I used to evoke when i used to do astral projection. Not for the faint hearted :P but its something many of us work hard to learn to do.. much fun can be had in such states eg you can consciously create dreams and they are like real so great fun. You can go flyin and all kinds of things. While in this state thou ones subconscious can also be creating images, voices etc etc.. you could end up facing your subconscious fears. and yeah.. there is occassional astral things out there (real ones) one can come across too. spirits, entities, demons etc So one who isnt familiar with this stuff can end up having quite a scary experience.. not knowing if the thing one comes across is something created from ones own mind or real. Just forcefully order the things to go away to the light or call GOD, angels or your spirit guides to take them away. (most things are weak and can be easily made to leave, they just like to scare you and you hold the power over them by not being scared). Im not sure if reading Robert Bruce books as a previous poster suggested on this is a great idea for some as it could end up scaring you even more and studying this stuff can sometimes make one more likely to have an OBE. but yeah.. if you want to understand what is going on.. read Robert bruces book (it's are easy for anyone to understand and he's an expert in this field). The best advice i can give on this is if you find yourself in a sleep paralyses state.. focus on either a finger or toe and keep trying to wiggle it.. this will end up helping to pull yourself out of the state. If you imagine looking at your hand in this state or something like this.. do not try to keep looking at it.. as it will help to hold you in this state you are trying to leave.
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    • August 14, 2010
    • 03:34 PM
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  • You're not alone. I myself experience these symptoms at least once a month, and up to 10 times a month. It usually occurs when I am overtired however it pops its head anytime. Firstly I'll try and drift off to sleep, I actually feel myself dropping into sleep from wake when suddenly I will experience a narcotic type high, followed by complete paralysis except for my eyes, and the worst is the heart. The B/PM must jump at least 50 because it feels as if my heart is about ready to leap out of my throat. I must admit though, the natural high I experience is really pleasurable. It feels like a heavy dose of Codeine mixed with cannabis and with a touch of opium tea but the paralysis makes the experience quite frightening. Each time I experience this I say my prays because unfortunately my heart already has problems so essentially each time it happens I mind speak, for example "Here we go, here comes the pain. Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" but it's just mind speak, because as mentioned above one cannot speak while this happens. At times I've been able to quietly moan yet it does no good. From my experiences luckily for me I've been able to pull out of the experience quite quickly and the secret is to focus on moving your feet, followed by your legs and with time and practice, you'll soon be able to pull out of it before the paralysis kicks in. Be warned though that to prevent it from occurring within the next minute, move around the bed a little, perhaps even asking to change sides of the be with your partner because I've noticed it may continue while attempting to sleep in a particularly position. It's happened to me hundreds of times so I consider it to be harmless unless the individual who experiences it panics and as a result their heart rate climbs. On top of what the heart would already be experiencing during these episodes, it could turn problematic.
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    • October 14, 2010
    • 05:58 PM
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  • Hi. I am getting these exact symptoms. I haven't been to see my doctor and I haven't been diagnosed with anything before. Should I go see my doctor? I get quite scared when I'm lying alone and paralysed. My friends noticed rapid breathing a couple of times, but when they try and wake me, it's like I'm being forced out of this sleep state I'm in. What is it?? Ruby
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    • November 26, 2010
    • 06:23 AM
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  • i've had the same thing, occurred just this morning, which really did put a scare into me. it's the second instance of rapid heart rate in my experiences with sleep paralysis.the first time it happened, i had some feeling creep up my right arm (can't really describe it, it wasn't painful), before my heart started going turbo. sleep paralysis is a recurring phenomenon for me, but this is the first time i legitimately thought i was going to die or have a heart attack. i was able to shake my body awake, fortunately having learned to do so from previous, less-terrifying experiences. when awake, my heart rate was elevated for a couple of minutes before settling.the crazy part is, i came across an internet article by chance later that day, and it was talking about Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome and that sleep paralysis might be a factor in it. it couldn't help but cross my mind during the next occurrence. this morning, i could feel the same situation come over my body again, but this time instead of having a racing heart rate, it was beating hard and erratically. i again managed to shake myself awake. i decided to just forgo the remainder of my sleep, and so i've been up for a couple hours now.i think i will see a doctor today, just for a professional opinion. or perhaps i'll look into the books recommended in this thread.
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  • It's classical sleep paralysis. I'm a med student, and also used to experience it. It occurs during the transition into or out of sleep. There is awareness of surroundings but inability to move or speak. Some experience feelings of suffocation, strong feelings of impending doom, being chases, having to escape imminent danger or sense that someone else is in the room. Auditory and tactile hallucinations may accompany the events, and patients may recount dramatic stories.
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  • I have been experiencing this as a child. When it happens, I count 3,2,1 then try to use a large amount of energy to move my leg which breaks me out of the state. It was easier to do as a young child but it is now getting harder to do. I am now 14 and when it occurs, i hear a loud beating sound for about 10 seconds followed by a few seconds of a high pitched screeching noise. When I feel my chest after trying hard to move my leg, my heart rate feels normal. I used to have a trick were I would sleep on my side with one leg on top of the other then when I am paralysed, I start moving the leg on top but at a very slow pace as I can't go any faster. The drop usually wakes my up. Even after it is broken, I have to get a lot of light to my eyes so that I am fully awake because if I fall back asleep, I will immediately wake up paralyzed again. This happens about 6 times in one morning before I realise that I have to stay awake.
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  • I've gone through the sleep paralisys and vagal syncope since age 9. I'm 40 now. If your heart rate is racing while your struggling to wake up or almost fainting? You need to see a heart doctor right away. I never saw a doctor about my sleep disorders till now. If your heart goes wild you cant win, you will not win. Just relax amd let it take you. Your body will eventually calm and wake up. Do not make it worse and panic. Stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, and dont do anything you do not have to at home. Relax. Let your body rejuice itself. Most of the time thats all it is. Just see a cardiologist! No joke. Good luck! Oh and as far as all those hallucinations, those are all your dreams and imagination. If you start believing in all that crap. Your gonna end up in the park talking to birds :) I've seen aliens, I've been there lol just dreams. Good luck.
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