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PSVT w/ l. atrail abnormality & septal infarction

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  • Posted By: Scotticus
  • February 6, 2008
  • 09:19 PM

I was recently diagnoned as having paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia after a lengthy period of flu llike symptoms, odd heart beat, dizziness, chest pains, tingling in hands and near blackouts.
These symptoms have subsided and have largely not returned though still get the odd chest pain and tingle. I am currently not taking any medication though was on Ativan for a brief period.

I recently returned to my doctor to follow up on this and discuss whether this could be related to anxiety (ie. workplace stresses) and he seems to agree. I have a normal sinus rhythm but my EKG initally showed a left atrial abnormality and now shows a septal infarction. Bloodwork is very good.

I am now sheduled for an echocardiogram and my doctor seems confident it wil show no signs of heart disease but I am shocked how anxiety could have made me so ill and manifest itself on my EKG as it has.
Anyone got a clue about this? Should I be concerned or seek alternative employment (stupid question hahaha...)


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  • Welll..... seems no one is biting. I left out a lot for economy, maybe too much. There's gotta be someone out there whose had a similar problem!!!! Firstly some history. I am male and 39, almost 40. I smoke probably too much and drink beer often though not excessively. I am very lean, and reasonably fit. One thing I now avoid is caffeine. I think I developed an intolerance to it. I sneak a cup now and then but it makes me feel sick and it definitely causes my heart and almost everything to squirm. Cannot take codeine either, as it causes drug fever. Only known thing I am allergic to is nickel, other than that I am fine and no other history of illness. My heart has been flippant all of my adult life. Would often easily get winded and had a lot of ectopic/extra beats. Had it checked when I was 17 after a weird sensation, nothing was found. Was never concerned about it though as I heard 'this is all normal.' Just prior to this my second eldest brother was diagnosed through an autopsy with some defect I still don't know anything about. Coroner's inquest was unable to determine if it caused his fall (hiking accident). 11 years ago my eldest brother was diagnosed with viral myocardiopathy at age 39 and has a pacemaker & defibber in his chest. He's been told about some defect he has as well but I haven't been able to get him to find this out yet. It would be the least of his worries I'd think. He broke things off with his doctors around the time I got sick. MY GP wanted to talk to his Drs. but that was not possible at the time. He was my age when he fell ill. He was recently told by his new Dr. 'things don't look good'. I am prying him for this information now since he's again under care but I hate to pester him with this considering his conditon and all. My father 'was told' he had a heart attack at age 39. He has his doubts and to this day thinks doctors are useless. He is 80, alive and well. I myself had no family doctor until I got so ill I couldn't take it any longer so he has no patient history at all. I've seen him on only 3 occasions. On my first visit to him my heart was beating quite oddly. He listened to it as I described what was going on along with the family history. His eyes bugged out of his head, ordered me to get the skinny on my bro and find out if he had a heart attack. I've had a few EKG's done, all of which showed a left atrial abnormality. Wasn't SVT'ing at the time so they couldn't capture the rhythm. The latest one done last week now shows a septal infarction in addition to the lt. atrial abnormality. Still showing a normal sinus rhythm, bloodwork esp. with respect to HDL/LDL is excellent. 24 hr. Holter monitor results were negative as I knew it would be as I wasn't having 'SVT' attacks then. Didn't get the stupid thing until 6 weeks later. Just a bunch of ectopic beats, nothing abnormal.I initally declined his suggestion to get an echocardiogram until the latest EKG results, then he practically ordered me to do it. Everything I've read about PSVT says it is harmless unless accompanied by an underlying heart disease, which could then lead to syncope (dizziness and blackouts) and... death???!!! It can aslo lead to poor circulation in the heart (ischemia I belive it is called) now I got a @#$%'ing septal infarction!!!??? What I know about lt. atrial abnormalities suggest heart disease, hypertension, systemic illness etc. Septal infarction don't sound pleasant either but I got a very good idea how this happened. I've reached two conclusions. PSVT is NOT benign and I am not even sure it is a correct diagnosis. Secondly, I'll be significantly worse off it that horrid thing ever comes back and I can't make it stop. I've been told to go straight to the emergency ward if it does so I hope they will be able to control the bloody thing. Now here is what I went through beginning about January 2007 or earlier.To be honest I haven't felt too great in many years prior to this. I feel great now, just worried it may come back. - about 6 months prior healing had stopped, minor cuts just turned to persistent jet black scabs. - freqeunt palpitations & rapid heart beat which steadily got worse, then incessant. I could feel it in my throat. SO bad to the point of making me nauseous.- dizziness which got steadily worse. Became constant at its worst.- near blackouts, usually after eating or laying down. Could NOT lay on my left side. Heart would pound like ***l and I'd feel like I would black out. - UTI symtoms going back about 3 years. Much like bladder infection and stones. Painful enough to double over. All tests/xrays negative.- Excessively foamy urine at times, sometimes cloudy.- Swollen feet and ankles.- Discoloured skin and very oily, horrible body odour.- Appetite change, cannot stand carbohydrates like cereal, sugar etc. Still can't. No sign of diabetes or cancer.- Vision problems. Foggy vision, seeing spots.- Extreme fatigue.- With regards to the anxiety component I mentioned above, I was only stressed about WTF was wrong with me and if I was going to live or not.:mad: Anyhoooooo... this is the last I will post of this. I almost came on this site back when I was really ill but I was just too weak and I had enough worries then. Barring some input from someone who has knowledge in this I am gonna wait until the echocardiogram is done.:(
    Scotticus 20 Replies
    • February 13, 2008
    • 09:15 AM
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  • I am 27 and I've had PSVT everysince I can remember. But it got very bad when I got older. The reason was a bad life style with drinking alcohol and coffee, smoking, doing almost no excersise and eating a lot of fat and sugar. Quit drinking alcohol and coffee, quit smoking and begin doing excersise and eating on a diet. It is your choice. Good luck.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • December 15, 2008
    • 08:16 AM
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  • I am a 48 year old female, also diagnosed with PSVT. Had this pretty much all my life and it does get worse with age. I am taking beta-blockers now - but hate taking medication. The other poster is right and you won't like hearing it but you do need to make life style changes. I quit drinking coffee - I still smoke and drink and I have no set myself a new goal to stop smoking and to drink less starting the beginning of next year. It gives me time to mentally prepare myself for this big change in my life. I am hoping this will improve my health and anxiety enough to where I can reduce the beta blockers and start exercising again. My EKGs were always fine and I never had any other heart revelations - somehow it sounds like you do have other heart issues and I would do everything to get this properly diagnosed asap. Prevention is the key and you can still get your health improved and cured. Its up to you ... Good Luck!
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • August 27, 2010
    • 00:24 AM
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