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Is it really A-fib?

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  • Posted By: woodcarver
  • October 24, 2007
  • 06:36 PM

Hi, I'm a 61 year old male, diagnosed in 1992 with A-fib, previously with prolapsed mitral valve that was ruled out after sonar showed no leaks. I had spells of muscle weakness, faintness, rapid heartbeat, all the signs of A-fib.

After a 1995 cardioversion (unsuccessful, they couldn't stop my heart), all symptoms of A-fib went away except that I still have an irregular heartbeat. At the time of the cardioversion, the heart monitor keep saying "premature ventricular contraction." (PVC)

But the diagnosis of A-fib continues to follow me. And I am forced to stay on coumaden (rat poison--warfarin) because medical statistics" say that A-fib folk must take coumaden or risk a six fold increase in chance of stroke. I've never had a stroke, no one in my family has ever had a stroke.

Are A-fib symptoms constant or just in "spells"? Wrongdiagnosis lists 9 symptoms of A-fib. If the only symptom I have is constant irregular heartbeat....do I really (still) have A-fib?

what's the symptom difference between A-fib and PVC? Is it time for a second opinion on the A-fib? I don't want to continue taking the rat poison if I don't have to.

Woodcarver :)

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  • Hello,Not sure about what PVC is, but I have AF. I'm 47 and have had spells of a-fib, was hospitalized twice. Most of the time my heart beats normal. When I am in A-Fib, they tried the same meds, didn't work. The AF has always gone away on it's own. But sometimes, it lasted days. I am not on any medication. I just take a Bayer Aspirin a day to keep my blood real thin. If I do go into AF again, the thin blood is supposed to greatly reduce my risk of clots or stroke. But when I cut myself, I bleed like a stuck pig for a while. Oh well. I am on enough meds for my asthma and don't want to be on anything else if not necessary. Hope this may help some.
    curlew 1 Replies
    • January 25, 2008
    • 04:46 PM
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  • Hi, hope this helps. A-fib (atrial fibrillation) is a condition that causes your atria to quiver and not eject blood properly to your ventricles. During the quivering stage, the blood can clot, causing an embolus to travel to your brain, causing a stroke. This is a very common cause of stroke. It is actually a very common condition, and Coumadin helps prevent the blood from clotting.PVC's (premature ventricular contractions) are totally different. They are also very common and in most cases, are harmless. This is where the ventricles, every so often, have a premature beat. A person can have a few here and there and usually have not problems. Some people have more than a few and still have no problems. The main thing is that, as long as they do not affect the output of blood from your heart, causing any type of symptoms, they are usually harmless. Many things can cause PVC's, such as, certain medications, stress, anxiety, stimulants such as caffeine, and also problems with the electrical conduction system of your heart. It is very easy to tell the difference on an ECG, aka, EKG.If you're not happy with what you're being told, I would say, see another doctor. Just a suggestion, but you should feel satisfied with what you're being told. I definitely would not stop taking the Coumadin until you see someone. Good luck. Hope this helps.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 27, 2008
    • 06:07 PM
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