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Infective Endocartias Misdiagnosis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 1, 2007
  • 07:52 PM

It has been 1 year since my wife died from infective endocartis. Here is the scenario as I see it:

Looking back at what happended before she died on March 17th, 2006:

-October 2005 went to Hospital for pheumonia - give iv's and a shoot in the back lower left side that put her into severe spasms and a "Burning" on area of shot. She was released to home. 7 days later when she went to her PPO, the blood work showed she had a "serious infection" in her body. The doctor did not notifiy her of the infection or give her antibotics. She was complianing of being "Fatigued" after that. Loss of weight also. On February 17th, 2006 she woke up and had a back pain in the same area she had gotton shoot in October 2005. She went to work, Called me at 9:00 A.M. said that the PPO said to go the hospital ER for a possible kidney stone. We went to hospital ER. The did their normal test. determined she possibly had a kidney stone and told her to go home and drink alot of water too pass stone. If not feeling better in 5 days come back to ER or see PPO. She followed their directions. Did not get better (got worse). Went back to ER. They did a urianalysis test. Negative in 7 out of 10 areas. Urine should she had an infection on body and blood in urine. The hospital did not notify use of this. (Found out after death). She also had on the report that )(he had dead Trophine cell Heartm related)een referred to a heart doctor. (Did not find out untuil after death). She was treated this time for sitage nerve damage and given a morhpine shoot of 8 mm; did nothing for her pain. Also, she was given pain medication, did nothing for her. Sent home. On febr 26th 2006 I was at work an she fell an could not get up. My parents called for an ambulance. They refused to take her to another hospital and said she had to go to the nearest hosp (they one that mistreated her to began with). She arrived and lay at the ER romm for 6 hours before ben seen). We asked for an MRI and a backdoctor to see her. The doctor that treated her that day; only did a cat scan and not a MRI which we had and had the insurance to pay for it. He said" We don't do MRI after 5:00 P.M.; I informed him that he could call an person in to do MRI and that the patient across from my wife just had an MRI done. He walked away. The nurse came of over to draw blodd but the doctor had not ordered blood worl. She was discharged and sent him for a possible herinated disk. (Death autopsy did not find this). We then had to go to Humania insurance an get a MRI scheduled. This happended on 7 March 2006. (ten days before she died). I took the original xrays/c-scan/urinalysis and all reports to the backdoctor on 23feb06when we intially saw him. I took the copy of the MRI on date it was seen by the MRI doctor. He faxed a copy of his report and called the Back doctor and notified him that she had a serious infammitory infection in her body and need to bee seen immediatly. He called an informed the doctors staff. We went in teh same day on 7 March 2006 to schedule an appoitment. We where not told of the report findigns from the MRI. They scheuled the appoitment for 2 weeks out on Masrch 16, 2006. We went in on March 16th, 2006 and my wife was still in severe pain. The back doctor gave her more pain pills, scheduled her for back therepy at his clinic. He never at once told us that she had a infection or gave her antiboctics to treat it. he did not even mentioned in in his summary. She woke up the next day March 17th, 2007 at 5:00a.m. in severe pain and walked 5 feed and fell over DEAD!! if i have learned anything out of this evetn; is to always tell them that you Love Them! and get a second opinion on what a doctor is saying if you are not comfortbale with his treatment.... This is dedicated to my Loving wife Rebecca Joye Norris-Fowler - 4/8/62-3/17/06 - Gone but Not Forgotten LOL Royce Fowler. Royce_Fowler@hotmail.com

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