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High Blood Pressure

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  • March 19, 2007
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Hello there!
I have recently been told I have high blood pressure by a nurse. I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I saw the number 37, which I suppose is the higher number of the two. As I am only 20 years old, and not overweight, I thought this was odd. I then thought back and it was this also two years ago when I was a couple of stone lighter and a size 6 - 8 (American size 2 - 4). - It was disregarded at the time as I was also ill. Until about a year ago, I would hardly ever eat anything fatty or anything too salty and when I was a size 6, I didn't eat much at all. What I'm wondering if it could it be in my jeans? - My dad was told he couldn't go in the army at 18 years old because of high blood pressure and he was also slim with a 28 inch waist. We both also go dizzy very regularly and have the odd palpitation. Should I just forget about this, or is there something here to worry about?
Thank you

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  • I've been looking into it and it seems that pregnant mothers who smoke can cause their child to have high blood pressure and the signs seem to show as a young adult. Both my mother and father smoked while she was pregnant with me and my earliest memories are of a smoke filled room. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this?
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  • High blood pressure can absolutely be genetic- even people who are thin and seemingly active and healthy can have hypertension. Ideally, your blood pressure should be 100-125 systolic over 65-80 diastolic (these are measurements based on pressure). A normal BP would be 110/70 (I'm not sure where you got the number 37), and borderline hypertension would be 130/80. If you truly have hypertension, your blood pressure would be over 140/90, and at that point, you are at risk for vascular damage and eventually irregular heart rhythms. Readings for blood pressure are more accurate if taken consistently over a period of time (say, for a week or two), rather than relying on one reading at the doctor's office. Usually any pharmacy (or a Walmart or something) has a blood pressure reading machine- try going there a few times over a period of time and document the readings you get. That way, you can see what your BP is really like and then you can get medical treatment accordingly.As for smoking during pregnancy, that can contribute to high BP too. Smoking causes the same kind of vascular damage as prolonged hypertension (tobacco can actually cause vessel spasms). However, it would be more likely that your hypertension is just basically genetic (with or without your parents' smoking), since your father had similar symptoms despite being thin and in good shape.It probably wouldn't hurt to have an appointment with a cardiologist, especially if you have periodic heart palpations and dizziness. Most people will have palpations at one point or another in their life (sometimes the heart just electrically gets out of rhythm, but usually corrects itself right away), but if you see regular changes in your rhythm, and it's accompanied by dizziness, it could be a sign of atrial fibrillation, where the atriums in your heart (you have 2) sort of quiver instead of fully contracting. It's not a life threatening condition in and of itself, but it can have some serious consequences if not diagnosed properly (like blood clot formation from the slowing of blood flow). A-fib is usually easily diagnosed, so just ask at your next appointment.Best of luck! Hope you have many healthy years to come.
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    • August 13, 2007
    • 02:26 AM
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  • Thank you very much for your help.My partner actually got his blood pressure taken at the same time and he said the nurse put 100 in one box and another number below it in another box and she said his was fine. - I thought she had done the same with mine but wasn't sure, so the number was probably 137. As for the suggestion of taking my own blood pressure a few times over a period of time ...well thank you. I'm thinking maybe I will buy one of those little ones you can get, then I can let my dad use it too.I later found out that my mother only smoked for 2 weeks during pregnancy, so it probably wouldn't be that anyway.I have had the palpitations for a few years now that I have noticed. Although I have had the dizzyness for since at least my early teens and maybe even as a child. At the appointment in March when I put the post up, the nurse said they would have to keep an eye on my blood pressure as it is high, but I have been down there a few times since, for things such as asthma check-ups and nobody has mentioned it! I wouldn't have been worried about any of this if the nurse hadn't have made a deal out of it.Thank you for the advice. When I tried looking help up firstly, all I got was cut down fat and salt intake. You have helped put my mind at ease.
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    • August 14, 2007
    • 09:05 PM
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